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The Draganfly-er makes tonights Front Page

13th March 2010

You might recall me last December discussing this fabulous new device for Real Estate photography, the Draganfly X6 UAV coming to NZ/Nelson some months back, and then giving you a heads up with its arrival back in Feb 2010 here in Nelson.

Tonight’s Weekend edition of the Nelson Mail has the craft and its operator Craig on the frontpage.

You might be familiar with Model Remote Controlled helicopters, but I bet your one, unlike Craigs Skylark & Falco, doesn’t come with;

11 on-board sensors, three gyros, three accelerometers, three magnetometers, a barometric pressure sensor and a inbuilt GPS unit capable of holding the unit in a designated hover

Bit of a mouthful that lot but I really do believe this is the way of the future for real estate photography.

And as I had hinted its not a cheap exercise, the paper quotes Mr Craig Dickie;

It costs about $50,000 to purchase and fully kit out a UAV, but Mr Dickie said that was the price of innovation.

Its not just great for the different amount of angles/heights (CAA restrictions limit it to 120m but it can go higher) that the unit can get to & provide, but more importantly in the future as bandwidth on the internet gets better this will be the type of unit required to generate compelling Real Estate video……..

and HD video (might need to double click above Youtube video and select 720HD on the menu-line at bottom of frame) / videotours like this stunning example above from the States – but imagine it with heaps more/higher aerial shots / flybys. (thanks Larry @ PFRE for the heads-up on this fab production – full article here at Scott Hargis’s site. This video was actually completed by a Canon 5D MK II DSLR!)

Maybe that’s why as the article in tonight’s paper notes, Aerial Imaging have a “major car magazine” already signed up and a demo with the Nelson police next week.

You can contact Craig by clicking the link to Aerial Imaging above.

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