Worlds 24th Largest Sailing Yacht Visits Nelson

Considering a scouting trip to Nelson for Real Estate – make sure you book one of these Sunset Cruises in advance to truly appreciate what we have here. (Summer Months for the Sunset Cruise obviously)

Out celebrating an anniversary on a fantastic harbour cruise last night in Nelson, out through the Haven and out into Tasman Bay, and the weather held………..

……but as we leaving the inner Haven …….came across this interesting sight…..

She, actually she is Drumbeat….(ex Salperton) at the time she was built by Alloy Yachts back in the early 2000s one the biggest NZ had ever made….


was hidden around the corner in a back berth at Port Nelson.

Drumbeat is available for charter at EUR€170,000 per week.

Turns out she was in NZ for some regular maintenance and while here also competed in the New Zealand Marine Cup: Kiwi Kawau Challenge, coming third.

As we came back about 2.5hrs later I asked our boats Captain about the two flashing red lights on top of the masts.

Turns out that because they are so high, way over 100ft in old terms, they need them for aircraft navigation purposes/warnings.

Kiwis really are spoilt when it comes to indulging in seaside and on-sea experiences. One of the staff members on board Yonder Star last night commented that they used to live in England and that the life they have here in Nelson now is like living a dream. New Zealands isolation and low population density sure assist with that.

And being down in the Southern Ocean sure gives us the raw material / power required from nature that sees a Kiwi sailors experience, so highly regarded around the world.

Wikipedia have the 53m Drumbeat at number 24 on this list.

Do you know which place in New Zealand has the countries Oldest Yacht Club?

Last night we were out on the Yonder Star, photo from their website above, and we both agreed – it was fabulous.

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