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Sub-Heading: “Don ‘t show / tell them too much” that way they’ll have to phone

Got into quite a discussion with another agent re the age old debate that crops up when you talk about listings & # of photos on the internet.

Things like;

-> Only show a few photos, or even one like the $2.5m home above? so a buyer has to phone

-> Don’t publish the address, so a buyer has to phone

-> Don’t tell them the price, so a buyer has to phone

-> Use weird terms like Deadline Sale, because the general public usually don’t know what you mean, & they will call, etc, etc

This outdated mode of operation seems to be more about teasing potential buyers and they will phone, well come  – maybe like in the Field of Dreams.

However I advanced that just like the Field of Dreams, Acre of Diamond, call it what you will, ………..that once you have it built, in todays crowded marketplace, you have to shout from the treetops and direct everyone to somewhere from whence they can view, at least initially, at their own time and place.

Following on from proven overseas experience it certainly seems that the richer any visually exciting photo experience is, home shoppers will be encouraged to view more details.

Crickey according to this March 2010 post on Larry’s blog, the listing agent stated this photo sold his San Clemente listing in 30 minutes, and in interesting circumstances because the buyer had already visited the property prior to seeing the photo!

In the mix it helps not to forget that your intended buyer is many times one half of a couple, and it definitely takes 2 to tango when it comes to buying a house. One buyer may be analytically inclined, whilst their partner may make most of their decisions based on initial visual inclinations. Visual always wins usually. 🙂

How can you possibly hope to excite both partners if you have only shown a couple of photos that “you thought” showed the home in its best light.

Worse still, what options are available to you to possibly refresh a listing that’s had little buyer enquiry for a couple weeks?

Take for example the new lifestyle property listing here, it has 20 photos on and also as you can see here, another 36 odd at Open2view – all up 56 photos.

Only built in 2008, on 19.9ha, its in a lifestyle rural location, so it needs to assist folk to find it, view it, and then decide. Crucial when you’re not just around the corner.

Eagle eyed readers will note a point of difference in the Open2view photos is the inclusion of a floorplan.

At this stage the representation on just depicts that, the actual floorplan.

However if you log onto Open2view and then have a look at the floorplan here, you’ll notice a substantial difference.

Not only the locations inside and outside from where each photo was taken and the corresponding image, but also the position from where the Quicktime Virtual 360°  Tours were taken – and by clicking on those icons you’ll be taken to each correspondingly relevant tour.

Tell me that this sort of visually impressive info wouldn’t be compelling to a buyer from out of town or overseas, or a UK returning ex-pat who wants to live in another part of NZ.

Quite frankly a very likely scenario for our region, as we constant get buyers locally who originally grew up in areas further south.  In many cases, the big OE “drifted” into a prolonged period outside NZ (remember my earlier stats on this) however ultimately they come back. And in just as many cases because they always dreamed of wanting to live/bring up a family in the Nelson / Marlborough, “the Top of the South” they show interest in that, certainly from an initial online property search perspective.

Now the old timer though this floorplan thingie actually wasn’t a bad idea after all!

Makes you wonder where in their own mind “do they draw the line?” between this new media and what used to be the priority just 10 short years ago.

And what point is there if your potential buyer is in London, or Dubai viewing the property online at a time when you are probably asleep & your mobile turned off.

You mo as well place a banner on the add that says “Overseas Buyers – Email only.”

So at the end of the day we begged to differ in our own opinions…..and it was a river I couldn’t bridge.

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