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Important NZ Citizenship by Grant Requirements Change April 2010

8th March 2010

New Zealands Department of Internal Affairs has over the weekend placed public notice advertisements in NZ metropolitan dailies to alert recent immigrants to this significant update. (below is from The Press)

From 21 April 2010 the requirements for obtaining a New Zealand citizenship by grant will change, essentially where as you had only to wait three years before applying, after April 21 you will then have to wait 5 years.

If you are an affected person then you have to lodge your application before April 21, otherwise you will miss out.

Here’s the words straight from the relevant page on the Departments website……….;

At the moment, if you received permanent residence or had a successful application accepted by Immigration New Zealand before 21 April 2005, you could be eligible for a grant of citizenship after living in New Zealand for three years.

If you applied for and received permanent residence on or after 21 April 2005, you have to be resident in New Zealand for five years before becoming eligible for a grant of citizenship.

However, from 21 April 2010, everyone will have to be resident for five years before becoming eligible for a grant of citizenship, no matter when they applied for and obtained permanent residence.

That means that if you meet the three-year requirement and don’t lodge an application before 21 April 2010, you will not be eligible until you have lived in New Zealand for five years, not three years.

Also as a handy helper to ascertain whether you are eligible for citizenship, the department offer their Citizenship Online Calculation Tool.

Alternatively you can contact them directly for further information.