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Fabulous Nelson Photographic Panoramas

Local residents discover after residing locally for a period that they indeed take a more personal interest in the area, and no where is that more apparent that in wanting to recognise our surroundings. In Nelsons particular our case, that means a lot of hills and mountains.

After all the region is world renown for its 3 main National Parks, and many accessible peaks.

One of my colleagues at work has recently taken a local helicopter tour, well 6 folk all up it was, and one of the standouts for them was landing up on Mt Starveall.

Even the chopper pilot commented that he hadn’t experienced a better weather day to land up there than that.

IMAGE CREDIT – Markus Baumann – Skylark.co.nz

While checking out some photography on Mt Starveall, like the example of the view above, I came across a website run by Markus Baumann, a local graphic designer and nature & landscape stock photographer. Markus it seems likes panoramas.

Mt Starveall is not on the range just behind Nelson in an easterly direction, its actually on the next mountain range over. That’s what helps to explains the elevation you can see in the above photo.

In fact that range thats directly behind Nelson, thats those hills with the dark green patches about centre of the above pic is the Barnicoat one.

CREDIT – Markus Baumann – Skylark.co.nz

Hmmm lets clear this up – the range directly behind Nelson (in an Easterly direction) is called the Barnicoat range and as another of his photos, above shows, it too is completely accessible as this mountain biker illustrates. He is looking out over Stoke/Tahunanui to Rabbit Island and onwards to Tasman Bay.

CREDIT – Markus Baumann – Skylark.co.nz (image size is 7200 x 585px)

So if you were curious about those peaks out there across the bay, here’s Markus detailed photo…..you’ll have to click the above photo to get it.

According to his site, www.skylark.co.nz, the mountain panorama’s viewing angle stretches roughly over 100°, from the Lookout Range in Kahurangi National Park all the way to Abel Tasman National Park, with Tasman Bay in the foreground.

And if bandwidth is not a problem then you will just have to download this photos big brother, caution its a monster at an Image Size of 30000 x 2438px & 11mb in size, but its worth it.

IMAGE CREDIT – Markus Baumann – Skylark.co.nz

Here is the another panorama taken from 1528m Mt Starveall showing and noting the other peaks up there. (you’ll need to click on it to see the full panoramic image)

Thanks again Markus for allowing me to show these photos here.

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