Daily Archives: March 5, 2010

Something you definitely dont see For Sale every day

When was the last time you saw a list of chattels like this;

  • 1. Ground zero indicator.
  • 2. Fixed survey meter probe cover.
  • 3. Bomb power indicator baffle plates.
  • 4. Air ventilator.
  • 5.Pneumatic Antenna Mast for Radio set.
  • 6. Radio set.
  • 7. Bomb power indicator.
  • 8. Fixed survey meter.
  • 9.Radio head set.
  • 10.Loud speaker telephone.
  • 11. Carrier reciever.
  • 12. Pump for pneumatic antenna.
  • 13. 12 volt battery.
  • 14. Toilet


With a list like that, you know we aren’t talking about a normal residential home?

Although the the sub heading gives it away a bit when it states;

Rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Cold War History

And you’d be right, it’s not a normal property, it’s your chance to buy a genuine Nuclear Bunker!

Only two days to go, although transport wise it would help if you are in the UK.

And you’d certainly be up for some money for de-installation and re-installation at your new location, that’s for sure.

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