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Yet Another First From Nelson the 2010 Ekranoplan

2nd March 2010

Where else was someone going to invent such a ground effects flying machine, a “flying Hovercraft.”

When the Nelson Mail published this photo in October 2007, many folk probably went  “sigh”……….

…….and anyone that didn’t live here…..well it wouldn’t surprise me to believe they quite swiftly concluded it was a Photo-shopped image.

The reality was quite the opposite – in fact it was true, here we had someone locally following in the great tradition of Russian flying boats “Ekranoplan’s” ……..and doing it locally, and for a dollar budget, considerably short, seriously short, of those folks investment.

The above video comes from Youtube user nixontankgirl who commented – I was sitting on my yacht anchored in Nelson, NZ one morning. In the far distance I was vaguely aware of some type of boat racing up and down. I could hear the engine scream…

I’ve posed the question before is there something in the water.

And even though you have most certainly heard that ubiquitous statement before……..

………..there are undeniable grounds for asking that question, and making that statement.

Less than 65kms from Stoke, Nelson is the “Guinness Book of World Records” qualified (and scientifically backed up) the fact that locally we have the clearest fresh water in the world, yes the whole planet. That other place in Antarctica doesn’t really count though.

As the below graphic illustrates, its currently the most popular “clickable auction” on NZ’s most popular auction site, Trademe.

Mr Heemans creation (NOTE – link will not work once auction closes but is working as of 13th March 2010) is certainly attracting some attention, certainly not detract-able either from the fact that it was mentioned tonight on NZ’s main TV One 6pm News, alongside plenty of other national media attention.

Can’t help but mention here tonight another World First from NZ’s South Island, the Martin Jetpack, has recently secured some serious international funding, and is about to enter commercial production.

The good news according to some Radio Station Jocks on drive tonight was that at this stage, there is no law in New Zealand to ban you from texting while flying one of these apparatus’s.

Hmmm …..does NZ’s South Island – Middle Earth of NZ – have any other aviation links?

PHOTO – wikipedia.com

Well glad you asked, because the biggest one, and the subject of immense and intense debate is that we here, down under were actually the first in the world to fly…

PHOTO – wikipedia.com

……….and near Temuka, just a dozen km’s from where I was born in fact.

A chap by the name of Richard Pearce achieved that feat back in 1903.

UPDATE – 15th March 2010 unit has been sold for NZD$27,500 to a buyer from Christchurch – story here.

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Stock Unsold Inventory Levels – The Nelson Perspective Feb 2010

2nd March 2010

Realestate.co.nz releases the NZ National Property Report on the 1st of each month.

Its concise and quite informative, and offers a different view (that just pure sales data alone) on the current Real Estate market regions of  NZ.

I thought I’d take a look at the inventory chart (ie; volume of weeks of stock on the market) from a Nelsonian perspective.

Why? Mainly because I was interested in the difference between the chart…….

CHART – www.realestate.co.nz Unconditional Blog

………and the numbers regarding inventory.

Now there’s a lot of green in that there chart.

I’ve been asked all month about the rising levels of inventory, its been commented on it many places this past month too, however from a Nelson perspective it was definitely not that noticeable on the ground.

CHART – realestate.co.nz data

And when I chart the individual Feb 2010 figures, the reason why becomes abundantly clear.

The numbers on the chart equal the “Number of Weeks of UnSold Housing Stock” that was on the market in February.

The Inventory metric will always be heavily influenced by the percentage of sales that takes place in that locality, but nevertheless it is good guidance.

And why is it important.

Well  the volume of competition you have makes a huge difference in achieving or bettering asking prices.


Its that demand and supply equation I’ve talked about before.

Most sellers I’ve ever talked to want their own property to stand out from the rest.

To my way of thinking, that time to sell could be maximised when you have less competition, and not when you will have 4 homes in the neighbourhood of exactly the same age, similar style, size of section, etc.

Yet the other school of thought suggests that because their are more competitors on the market, then it brings out more buyers…..think the typical stereotype of the “spring market” here.

However I suggest that a close eye kept on inventory levels in your own region can’t but help in the long run.

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