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Heavyweight Trucks coming to NZ Roads from 1st May 2010

31st March 2010

Just how can less be heavier?

Well according to many reports if the trucks on our roads were to be allowed to carry more weight/load, then its been said that operators will need less of them, a blessing for our roads and travelers alike.

For Nelson this is quite an important development because we are one of the few cities in New Zealand that does not have a railway line, or a link via one to other cities & towns. All goods arrive either by truck or ship, with smaller weights by plane.

In the words of NZ’s Ministry of Transport;

Overall a permit system allowing vehicles to operate at heavier weights has the potential to reduce the number of vehicle movements required to distribute the same amount of freight.

Well we are about to find out!

With the announcement today by way of an update on the Ministry of Transport’s Heavy Vehicle Productivity Project webpage;

The Heavy Vehicle Productivity Project has been completed. The Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Amendment 2010 will come into effect on May 1 2010.

So expect to see bigger trucks in your rear or side view mirrors from then.

31-03-2010 7-50-13 p.m.

GRAPH – Ministry for the Environment

I’m sure increased payloads will more than offset costs for most Transport operations and as Road Transport plays such a crucial and important role for our regions export products, I’m sure the new system will be met with favourable opinions by local road transporters.

Currently road transport operators can carry loads up to the current NZ statutory 44 tonnes limit. In countries like Australia and Canada they are allowed to carry another 30% up to 62 tons.

These above links for further info are also available at this webpage at the Ministries site..

In 2010 is this New Zealands Most IMPORTANT Room

In case you were curious here is the answer……………..

If you are looking to sell your property, then to my way of thinking, there is only one room in the whole home that is solely the singlely most important one …

In daily “Real Estate” life I hear and participate in many conversations relating to/about what rooms in the home should be “perked up.”

Perked up …………..generally refers to in 2010 an improved, or “staged situation” ………aka something that is presented in a “very ready” to sell proposition.

Amongst other things, I’m also hinting here about de-personalisation.***

But I digress, from an individual home owner’s perspective, this may seem just a tad trivial and too “TV program”-’ ish …..….just like the Apple Pie in the oven stuff………but actually it is really really important.

Even I will admit, I too don’t really know what it is about this “small room” ….but let me tell you,  there IS definitely something there……

So here is Daves stab in the dark …………..

I suspect that whether we like it or not………. the basic human emotion which engages thoughts about our “human cleanliness / hygiene” side………happen practically automatically.

Its generally accepted that we as humans have five senses, and if ever there was any single room in a house that partook of most of those, then I too would have to concur……it would probably be the bathroom.

What I’m suggesting is that ……….bear with me here……is that there is a heck of a lot more implied here than at first, and also at…..if it can be explained this way….at second thoughts.

I have to admit that the scale of the home owners “human hygiene/cleanliness” has a massive bearing on my overall opinion of the property at a “caravan++”

Its not hard to envisage the next logical step here …..that by extrapolating that first glance at  the “bathroom” situation…….a potential buyer would form/conceive in their own mind a “picture of the overall state/feeling of the home.”

Yes….yes….I know….you don’t like the colour of the bathroom, the laundry, the kitchen and so that tips you over the edge when it comes to buying a home that you………otherwise “just love.”


Most folk know that for less than $100 you can very swiftly change, with the help of some litres of Taubmans, the colour of that bathroom, kitchen……whatever…….but the $64K question is – is that REALLY all that it is……..?

Let me be forward and suggest that it is NOT.


Perhaps this is something, that you as the seller, may not find comfortable…..but…..

In the eyes of a buyers, is your home “dirty?”

Probably nothing in the home has the potential to involve all a persons senses, whether they realise it or not……but this room can do that!


But David what the heck does this have to do with the rest of our fabulously presented home?

Long story short – “HEAPS!”

But let me tell you if you do take that 30 seconds out of your day before the agents inspection and also the Open Home…… will pay itself back many-fold.



++ – “caravan” – industry term for that event usually on a Tuesday when all the agents from your listing company come around to visit the property ….main reason……so that after they have seen your new listing – they can get on the blower promptly to let their buyers  know about this”newly listed” property on the market

*** – “de-personalisation” – glad you have read this far…..and if you have here is one of my best tips…….and yes it will be a hassle for most home sellers…..but anyway here it is……remove every single thing from your bathroom…..and yes I mean everything visible…….except for some new “full sized” soap…..and a selection of towels, one or two depending on your bathrooms size. Get out of sight any shampoo / conditioner bottles, loofaas, flannels, rubbish bins, extra toilet rolls, etc.

From experience,  this simple act………will be one of  the most important things you can possibly conduct for your home to sell.

Current Nelson Weekly Rental Rates – March 2010 Update

Information on rental rates in a locality can serve two main purposes;

1] assist home buyers moving into the region with their temporary accommodation budgets

2] enable out of town investors to plan/budget/forecast potential returns for an investment property in Nelson

DATA – NZ Department of Building and Housing

To that end heres the latest update on what people are paying per week, for rental properties locally. Click on both charts for higher resolution versions.

DATA – NZ Department of Building and Housing

And no surprises here either, 3 bedroom properties still rule the roost, however 2 bedroom houses or flats are quite popular too.

What is interesting to note is the interest in 4 bedroom properties, especially after February 2010 REINZ results that saw Nelson 4 bedroom properties on average (median wise that is) lasting on the market for 24 days before they were sold.

Readers might have noticed my frequency a bit lacking this month….well there is a reason….in the next few days I’m off to Christchurch to attend a wedding….quite an important one for me actually as I will be giving away my eldest daughter.

May be a few days before the next post folks.

New Sauvignon Gris from the Top of the South to you

20th March 2010

The tag line on the bottle says….

Montana was first to create Marlborough Sauvignon Gris

….and as every Kiwi knows Marlborough started the whole Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc renaissance.

And so today when I spotted a bottle** on the shelf, I brought my eagerly anticipated first.

The taste, well……… probably more to the Sauv character than the Pinot Gris side, but altogether a not displeasing taste that could almost be classed as a mixture of the two tastes.

As I mentioned the last time I talked about this ancient grape variety from the famous Bordeaux region of France, I think Montana are onto a winner here.

According to Patrick Materman, Montanas new Chief Winemaker

“Sauvignon Gris is an exciting new, premium variety for New Zealand with an ancient lineage in the classic winemaking world”

“After some years of trialling Sauvignon Gris in our Marlborough vineyards, we are proud to present this varietal in our Montana Reserve range. With aromas of pear and blackcurrant balanced with ripe grapefruit and nectarine notes, Sauvignon Gris is a rich textural wine with vibrant aromas.”

The Nelson and Marlborough regions are truly blessed with many old alluvial riverbed areas, grounds that for some varieties form the almost perfect growing environment.

It is said that one of the important contributing factors is those rocks, they heat up during the day, and then when the cool of evening comes, those same rocks impart/radiate their warmth upwards towards the vines/grapes above.

So hopefully in your own neck of the woods you will see one of these on the shelves soon. Do yourself a favour and try it out, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Best enjoyed on a balmy /warm summers evening (or in this case a late summers evening because the cicadas are still singing)

**  was initially introduced to NZ last year on a small scale to key premise outlets and fine wine retailers as a part of the limited release Montana Showcase Series.

Possibly Australasias Most Photographed Home

Many motoring magazines in this part of the world write that Victoria’s 247km long Great Ocean Rd is one of their favourite “Road Trips.”

Many place it on their list of the Top 10 drives in this part of the world…………

…..preferably in a convertible, with the top down and in summer.

About half way between Anglesea and Lorne is the town of Fairhavern, about 20-25 minutes drive south from Torquay, and it’s here you will find what is arguably Australasia’s most photographed home.

Best described, and I’m sure when it was for sale some years back, it would have been so;

Countrys best Golfers Section

Sea for Miles

Surrounded by …… Nothing

States Most EasyCare section

Elevate Yourself, etc , etc

The advertising dept copywriters would’ve had a field day.

Locals refer to it as the “Pole Home” and I think once you inspect the photos you can see why?

Advertised for sale back in 2007 for AUD$1.2m, it is most definitely an “attention getter”

I wonder how many times a week a tow truck is called out to “impromptu” off-road excursion’s on the road below the property?

Click on the above view to be taken to a Google Maps/Streetview vista.

And just in case you’re asking, yes you can rent it out for a “different” holiday home location.

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