Returning to NZ after the big OE and whats Reverse Culture Shock

24th February 2010

NZ Government organisation Career Services state they are New Zealand’s leading provider of independent career information, advice and guidance.

They have just updated the “Moving to NZ” section of their website with an important new component.

Existing for quite a while now has been the section titled New to New Zealand – Information for Migrants but this has just been joined by Returning to NZ – Information for returning Kiwis, ……….post the big OE.

So if you’re a Kiwi in Dubai, Manchester, New York or Singapore and are investigating what you career options are, if you were to return to New Zealand, then next to Real Estate, this is probably the 2nd most important site to go to for a basic “heads up.”

According to the Press Release;

The new website section, ‘Returning to New Zealand’, provides advice on things such as bringing home non-Kiwi partners and children and tips on dealing with “reverse culture shock”

Ms Kosmala, who is the deputy chief executive of Career Services, commented;

….in December last year, Kiwis returning home outnumbered Kiwis leaving for overseas, according to Statistics New Zealand.

On there you’ll find info like;

if you’re eligible for a benefit /pension when you get home

checklists to prepare before you return home – the documents you’ll need when you get back to New Zealand, as well as background information on the labour market

your career options in New Zealand – gives advice about networking, attending interviews and updating your CV into a NZ style…..and more.

… – just what exactly is Reverse culture shock?