Melbourne is 1st in Oceania to get 3D Treatment

Most are aware of Google Earth, a great program that allows an insight into just about any place on the planet.

In a recent post I mentioned to readers the release of another Google product called Building Maker. And I pondered on what applications it could relate too.

Well the good news is that the first city to get the 3D treatment publicly (you may need to load a Plug-in here) notified is Melbourne, Victoria.

This is what a normal Google Earth view of Melbourne, Australia looks like.

And this is what it looks like when you activate the 3D Buildings layer.

The models are not usually developed by Google personal – its left up to the developer community, who get their name up in lights too. Example featured here is Melbournes famous MCG.

If anyone is unhappy with the representation of their building, they can apply to have it reviewed, and possibly changed.

Just out of curiosity I thought I’d better check out the New Zealand progress……(click for larger picture)

It would seem that folk have been busy in Auckland…..

Less folk seem to have been busy in Wellington converting their flat 2D buildings into 3D sketch-up models

Yet down in Christchurch it looks like they have been busier as there are quite a few models activated there.

Once this starts happening in your street, then it will get interesting.

If you’re curious about having your own town feature on Google Earth, perhaps this short video may provide some inspiration.

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