Daily Archives: February 23, 2010

The Draganfly has landed, in Nelson

23rd February 2010

Yes, its finally here.

You might recall I spoke last December about this wondrous aid to Real Estate Aerial Photography, amongst many other applications, called a Draganfly.

In this particular case, we’re talking about the Model X6, as used in the USA by law enforcement, government  & quite possibly, though you may never know, the military.

Other people think its a great thing too, Popular Science magazine in the States gave it a BEST of, in its Aviation & Space category, a while back.

Here’s a refresher….

Well I’m happy to report it is now in Nelson.

You’ll remember it is an aerial photography RCV, UAV I guess, built of carbon fibre and complete with very fancy GPS abilities.

I’ll be conducting a bit more thorough report soon but just wanted to let you know its here.

I believe there may even be a spot on TV coming up soon about it being here in Nelson.

In conjunction with Craig, its owner, some test shots have been taken, from lower elevations at this stage, but watch this space…..more to come.

Frankly, some of the initial test shots are simply awesome.

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Is this property affected by flooding

23rd February 2010

Councils were in the news over the weekend in reports that highlighted the amount of money required by them in fees, levies, etc.

Therefore it’s great to be able to inform you today of some of the helpful things they provide with that money.

Hands up who hasn’t heard of the RMA? (Resource Management Act)

Nelson City Council (NCC) are definitely “moving forward” in this area.

23-02-2010 6-33-27 a.m.

In fact they have been recognized in other parts of New Zealand by other City Councils as already conducting “Best Practice” in relation to their portal access for the public to RMA information.

Some other councils will charge you for printed copies / CD versions of their RMA maps, or don’t make the info easy to find.

In Nelson, the City Council allow you to download PDF versions of the RMA Maps for FREE from here. (Page may change as seems to happen frequently, just search for “RMA maps “)

First get hold of what the Council call MAP INDEX : URBAN AREA, aka “the master one”, named (as of Feb 2010 it is) Index5000.pdf. Alternatively you can also download an index by street name telling you  which map to download.

This will show you the grid of Nelson and allow you to pick the right section of the jigsaw to download.

23-02-2010 7-08-27 a.m.

If its CBD Nelson you’re most interested in, perhaps you are a business broker or commercial agent, then you’ll be most interested in these two, LeftHand1 and Righthand1.

You’ll also need to download the legend charts, Left Hand here, and Right Hand here to explain what the different coloured overlays mean.

These will show you;

Flood Hazards

Airport Height Restrictions / Noise Areas

Natural Hazards

Electrical Transmission Lines (perhaps as an out of town buyer you were wondering why the property seemed so cheap)

Proposed New Roads

Heritage locations (including Heritage trees on residential properties)

High Density / Low Density Holdings Areas

Coastal Environment Overlays

Earthquake Fault lines

And many more, but as you can see it’s a great resource.

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