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Could Supermarkets rival Real Estate Agents

19th February 2010

May just happen in the UK.

The UK Times Online are reporting that Google is in talks with monster UK Supermarket Chain TESCO, to enable the chain to offer Real Estate listings.

City AM report;

“Supermarket giant Tesco is understood to already be in talks with estate agents to set up an online venture. It is believed the website would allow home owners to list their properties for a flat fee as low as £200.”

It should be noted, that unlike herein NZ, across the ditch, Australasia’s largest supermarket group, Woolworths, not only have supermarkets, they also have BIG W’s who take on the likes of K-Mart / Target in a similar format.

Already in Australia, they jointly own petrol stations 50:50 with Caltex, and last Augusts Press Release  signaled ( by acquisition ) their intention to be a serious competitor to Bunnings and Mitre 10 by entering the Home Improvement sector in a JV with US retailer Lowes.

Against this type of mass market retail it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they aren’t already in talks with Google about Real Estate.

After all, I’m sure it wasn’t lost on my readers that the Real Estate search videos released by Google this week, just happened to have a distinct Aussie flavor.

One of the other videos ….like those above, was also commented on by the CEO of NZ real Estate portal realestate.co.nz over here.

Maybe not tomorrow, but could TradeMe be about to have some extra competition?

Perhaps you might get Flybuys / Rewards Points from the retailer. Could such a move shift a buyer’s allegiance / browsing habits away from traditional auction sites?

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