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Real Estate Search – can it get better Part II

Most times Real Estate portals/search interfaces have to be “everything to everybody”…….

I had previously mentioned what a refreshing change then to be greeted with this……

CREDIT – http://www.mcgrath.com.au/

Very refreshing for a Real Estate homepage in Oceania, and in my last post I’d asked…………….

Were there are a couple of “got ya’s” here that an Kiwi or Aussie can deny?  The term OE springs to mind.

Studies still show, that second to Ireland, Kiwis presently have the highest percentage of their residential population offshore.

That’s probably not exactly dissimilar to the Aussie situation either.

So to my way of thinking, most anyone downunder would have an instant recognition factor with the above screenshot?

There must be hundreds if not thousands of ex-pats (in a born in NZ sense) that are residing in the UK …….for Aussie’s …….multiply that even more.

Frankly because the site is not trying to be a Yahoo or Google to everyone they intelligently only have one section that “moves” or changes.

There’s enough info / colour on the landing page to keep a browser there for 10 seconds, which is all it takes before that image section rotates to ask a different emotional question?

And because it seems to move/change so often a browsers eyes can’t help but be drawn to it, It wouldn’t surprise me if someone in Johns web team has studied this eye movement/page recognition flow either.

IMAGE CREDIT -google.com

Crucially it’s not even in the top left of your screen, like everyone says it should be…..and that’s great because that’s what everyone else is doing………(remember my post a short time ago about how incredibly successful some contrarian believers have been) so you land on CNN, BBC, ABC News, Yahoo-Xtra……..etc ………….you start to get attuned to that expectation that all the action happens in the top left hand side of your browser page……and then this site has the action, in the top right hand side.

What’s neat here is that it doesn’t really matter which of these icons/lifestyle patterns you click on, you’re taken to the next panel/page………..and in every case you’re always taken to the exactly same Page 1.

This one…….

Frankly no browser will even know any different, because I suspect only 2-5% may backtrack anyway.

Check out the options available……and just for a moment think about it…………would you be tempted to click on one of these……..or would you still want to fill out 3-4-5 boxes and 4 drop down categories to your search for an ideal property.

To be frank ….you probably would click on one of these wouldn’t you?

If for nothing other than to see what the result is. …… just “one click” away?

Which brings me another site that offered another enlightening approach to Real Estate Search……

Part III continues