Your name in lights, in Vancouver, tonight

11th February 2010

Just for fun.

All attention swings to the Winter Olympics this weekend, now there’s a way you can be there too.

In the Winter Olympics city tonight, you too, can get your name mentioned.

First you set up the searchlights here. You’ll need to enter some basic details too.

You can actually watch live views from the 4 separate webcams on this one screen here.

Then you wait……and then you get an email…..

Here’s the email I just received.

Dear David,
Your Vectorial Elevation light design has been shown in Vancouver!

You’ll notice they not only include the actual live webcam snaps but also the virtual representation. Mine was a bit basic – mainly aiming the searchlights directly up in the night sky, maybe you can be a bit more creative.

Theres a shot from each of the 4 webcams (only included 2 in the above snap) but click on the link below to see all 4 shots.

Heres the link to my tonights page –

Life’s for enjoying.

Thanks to for the heads-up.

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