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Worlds Clearest Water Site is Regional Treasure

With DOC’s Management Plan now in place, ………. Golden Bays treasured spot will stay that way.

Click here to view the documents entitled “Te Waikoropupü Springs – Management Plan” – while it didn’t meet with 100% local approval at the time, its clear that some sort of management plan needed to be in place for such a valuable national site.

Announced in The New Zealand Gazette (page 3892) were plans to formerly rename (proposal here) Pupu Springs, or Waikoropupu Springs to its traditional Maori name, Te Waikoropupü according to a proposal considered by the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (NZGB) at its 16 September meeting last year.

What/who/where/what is the significance of Pupu Springs?

MAP – Department of Conservation – NZ

Why are Te Waikoropupü Springs of international significance:

1] the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere

2] the 24th largest known karst springs in the world

3] their water clarity 2nd only in the world to the Weddell Sea*** (in Antarctica).

Just to place that into some perspective.

Yes thats right, over 10,000 litres a second is how much fresh water gushes forth from the springs.

In other words they are the source of the Worlds clearest water – non sea water to be exact – and according to the Guinness Book of World Records that’s official.

*** Only one other place in the world has clearer water, and that is found below Antarctica’s near-frozen Weddell Sea.

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