Business Toolbox Released Today

8th February 2010

Statistics NZ are on a roll – they have today………………

gone and released another fabulous application called Business Toolbox.

This is fabulous news for businesses and should be a boon for business brokers allowing them and their clients to….as Statistics NZ put it…..

Over on the right of the screen , our old friend table – builder is still there so if you want to do your own completely custom search then thats where you go.

If you haven’t done it before I would advise you to watch the videos they provide online to get the feel of it.

Back to the new application Business Toolbox – what can you do with it?

Well the good folks at Statistics NZ have as you can see above broken the app into two sections, one is more a graphical Mapper, a “GIS” type app.

Whilst the other is more about profiles and provides the data to you more in charts or lists.

Say you’re interested in starting a cafe/coffee shop in Nelson, then this type of chart for your selected region could be very handy to know.

Or perhaps you’d like to try your hand at opening a retail store in Auckland, in which case a chart like this could be beneficial?

Admittedly in both cases I happened to have focused on the “how many left in business after 5 years” version, but there are plenty of others.

Head over here and check it out for yourself and then you decide……….but at the least, tell me about it.

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