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Nelson – is there something in the local water

4th Feb 2010

Today was an important day.

Well especially for Nelsonian eight-year-old Amelia Abbott from Hampton St school it was………

Today her interpretation of what makes Kiwi land great was featured if you clicked on the GOOGLE.CO.NZ page.

Guess its just further proof that the lifestyle here in Nelson breeds the best in folk………and that there are no prejudices re age either………

Nelson, in the RWC Preview Year, birthplace of New Zealand Rugby

4th February 2010

On the eve of the Rugby World Cup 2011, well it is if you follow rugby at least in a yearly sense of time-frame,  there finally comes a bit more national, and at the same time, perhaps local……… recognition for this monumentally important event in NZ….and not before time.

The NZ chapter of the Sevens will be played out this weekend in Wellington.  I’ve been lucky enough in my time to see 2 x Hong Kong ones, and 4 x Wellington ones.


My most everlasting memory of both years at HK 7evens, was after the final……when they went just a bit overboard with some sort of “official parade”, well you had to hang around after the final match to witness it…….but hey 98% of the stadium did just that……. involved at least some sort of an official marching band, etc……….and they went the whole 9 yards let me tell you …………..& yes it was the same each of those 2 years………that all the chaps/gals in the corporate boxes had about 90-100 each of those “mini” rugby balls that used to fit perfectly in that best of places, that place – the port of choice……the “poor” Tuba player……….after all he had the largest target.

My other lasting memory from the tournament……other than those 2-3 days of extremely competitive and exciting rugby, plus having to put up with being a row back from, at least on one occasion ….for the whole tournament…..was a government delegation….from a Pacific Island cousin of NZ……and unfortunately for me at that time, that that same Pacific Island country, they just happened to have that guy with the “golden boot’ (*those in the know will know who I mean)

Anyway back to NZ.

Nelson was the first place in New Zealand, yes that’s 100% right, the 1st place in the whole country, to hold an official “Rugby” game.

You can imagine that in the World Cup Preview year we would expect that, coming from such an auspicious background, that we here in Nelson, are only right to believe that we have a special place, a special part in that history.

And now according to the local paper we have a “logo” to show it.

The fact that Nelson started it all, well I’ve written about this fact many many times before, and have been also very fortunate to have had input from a living relative of that great man, CJ Monro,  himself…in fact his great grandson…..Alastair.

However what I am lost on is that there doesn’t appear to be any mention of Alastair or his contribution / approval of the logo.

And for that. I’ll admit I am surprised.

If you are about to document such an incredibly important historical event…….at least from a Kiwi perspective………with such verifiable local content……… at the very least I would have thought it would have been the done thing…..in the circumstances……….to enlighten Alastair that this comment/report/design/logo/etc was about to “come out”, and what were his thoughts. That frankly is just plain human courtesy.

The above logo will be available for anyone to use freely. It will be accessible from the Nelson City Councils website from Monday.