Once in a Year Event happening in NZ tomorrow

29th January 2010

Get that Digital Camera ready now, Why?

Well over the next few days we will see, and some of us more than others, experience the highest tides of the year.

If you have a seaside property, or at the very least have sea-views, and same goes for estuarial ones as well, then you will want to get snapping at high tide.

An important thing, from a photography perspective, is that in some seaside regions over summer, the angle of the sun, well at least in Nelson, to the sea seems to produce a more pronounced turquoise, almost tropical, colour to the water.

This way, you will have a database of photos to show, if and when required in future.

With tight advertising deadlines imposed on most Real Estate agencies these days, you don’t want to find that you have to sell your home in the middle of a 3-4 day rainy spell. Better to have that shot taken in summer that you had saved for just such a rainy day.

NIWA say ……

in 2010, the Moon’s closest perigee occurs on 30 January and coincides with a Full Moon

…..means that there will be great photo taking opportunities there for the taking throughout New Zealand.

NIWA also mention Nelson re the highest tides in New Zealand too.

Lunar Semi-diurnal Tide (M2), occurring every 12.4 hours

Highest M2 tides occur in the western Cook Strait area from Taranaki to Nelson. This tide wave propagates anti-clockwise around New Zealand.

And as we go into the evening keep an eye out for the biggest full moon of the year – maybe more photo opportunities?


Don’t forget to check back during the next 2 days and click on the Nelson Webcam images from Takeabreak on the top left of this page, there you can see for yourself. Its updated every 10 minutes throughout the day.

Just by the by another set of NZ records has the highest tide on Monday? Whichever is right the fact is that over the next 2 days they will be high.

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