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Air New Zealand – Tipped for another World First from Downunder

25th January 2010

Tipped to be introduced on the long range 777-300ER’s due at the end of this year Air New Zealand will be the first airline in the world (yup,  the same one that was just voted 2009 Airline of the Year) to introduce lie-flat ( like a bed to you and me ) seats into the economy ( aka cattle class ) cabins.

It’s just so important, not just to well traveled Kiwi’s, but to other visitors who make the long trip down south, that they arrive feeling different that they are used to after a long-haul flight. It just makes for a more enjoyable trip and holiday or business trip when you get to your destination at Middle Earth, perhaps soon to loose that nomenclature to a new “Hobbit” status one.

Looks like we can now envisage that “Premium Class” may have something more to do with/to justify a  premium economy fare than we previously thought.

Frankly it’s just another reason why if you decide to fly down to the bottom of the world, to middle earth, you should choose your carrier carefully, and like me, choose Air New Zealand to get you there.

UPDATE – here is the official announcement

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