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Makes you Proud to be a Kiwi

15th January 2010

Set amongst a climate of employment uncertainity, glum looking business travellers, and a reduction in holiday travellers overall, the good folks at Air New Zealand have still managed to keep their chins up, “doing what it takes” to build and maintain a world class airline.

ATW have just announced their Airline of the Year award and just to make you feel great to be a Kiwi our airline Air New Zealand has been named the winner.

Check out the video by clicking on the above…..and if you don’t find yourself smiling once or twice, then check your pulse.

As launch customer for Boeings long awaited 787-9 Dreamliner (the larger stretched version of the two variants, the -8 being the smaller and first off the rank) aircraft, they have also been in the news lately re a saving they acheived.

Back in November 09 Reuters reported

Air New Zealand said it would buy 14 Airbus A320 single-aisle jets to replace its current fleet of 15 Boeing 737-300s.

It is believed they saved millions of dollars with the above Press Release going on to quote the airlines short haul general manager Bruce Parton as saying

The industry is at the bottom of a deep cycle, so demand for aircraft is limited, creating favourable conditions for buyers with strong balance sheets like Air New Zealand

What is it about this country and its people?

Well, its been advanced that because we are at island at the end of the world, and one of the worlds most travelled peoples as a nation, we have a stronger bond / affinity with our National Airline than people in many other countries.

Currently, except for Ireland, NZ has the most residents overseas / out of the country at any one time…..and that’s official.

Maybe that explains our national obession with “Grabaseat?”


Ask around your workplace and see if you can find anyone who doesn’t know what it is?

And perhaps clues to the airlines staff could be found with the gusto to which they took to the “Nothing to Hide” advertising campaign last year that featured staff instead of actors.

In fact even the big kahuna of the airline, Rob Fyfe got body painted for a cameo.


Even the fact that those same staff could laugh at themselves in these blooper outakes also says something about the Kiwi psyche I reckon.