Nelson Sun – Dont let it go down on you

Amongst a plethora of media coverage yesterday regarding Nelson being awarded the Official recognition I talked about a few days ago as the winner of 2009’s NZ Sunshine title, there was some active reporting on “SolarCity.”

Considering one of top 5 reasons why people from outside our region consider a move into it, is the sunny climate, I thought it might be an opportune moment to bring you up to date with the latest sunshine charts / predictors / visualization charts, etc.

These are great aids to determine in advance, even remotely where the sun shines in selected addresses in Nelson, and just as importantly where at other times of the day/year….it doesn’t.

Nelson has all types of terrain, flat, gullies, plateaus, valleys, hillside, etc so if you don’t want Eltons lyrics ringing in your ears use these sites to conduct some preliminary research.

NOTE : Clicking on each of these images will take you to higher resolution views.

Click for Full Hi Res Image

Click for Full Hi Res Image

1. Google Earth

2. US Govt Earth Systems Research Labs (ESRL)

Gaisma has quite a few charts actually

Quite a few really….

3. Gaisma

4. TPE – The Photographers Emphersis (Adobe AIR app so you may need to download that from Adobes site if you don’t have it already installed – its free)

5. This sites info on local climate / sun / light / temperatures.

There’s probably many of others, but at least this selection will give you a good start.