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Confirmed – Nelson is NZ’s Sunniest Place

5th January 2010
(UPDATE to earlier Post)
Although not officially confirmed until the official climate summary report is released on 13 January 2010, it would seem the local paper has been hassling/talking to NIWA to ascertain exactly who indeed has won the coveted title.

That title being the Sunniest place in New Zealand for 2009.

And yes the Nelson Mail have had NIWA confirm to them that the winner for 2009 is Nelson.

Yes we had more sunshine hours that any other town or city in the country last year. Not to rub it in, but we had 1/4hr more sunshine each day than our Top of the South neighbour and big time competitor, Blenheim.

It shows that on average the sun shone for a tad over 7 hours every single day. (UPDATE – according to the NZ Herald “2008 winner Blenheim came in third with 2466 hours, but the figure for September 21 was missing because of an instrument problem.” )

The only negative is that if its snow you’re after, we can’t help. Hold on a minute…….. yes we can, we have the South Islands most northerly Ski Field, Rainbow Ski Area (nearby Mt Robert no longer used commercially) at St. Arnaud, about an hours easy drive from Nelson.

May partly help to explain why this is starting to become a common occurrence over Summer too. Mystery still surrounds this Bombardier BD-700 Global Express visitor recently too?

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