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Once in a Year Event happening in NZ tomorrow

29th January 2010

Get that Digital Camera ready now, Why?

Well over the next few days we will see, and some of us more than others, experience the highest tides of the year.

If you have a seaside property, or at the very least have sea-views, and same goes for estuarial ones as well, then you will want to get snapping at high tide.

An important thing, from a photography perspective, is that in some seaside regions over summer, the angle of the sun, well at least in Nelson, to the sea seems to produce a more pronounced turquoise, almost tropical, colour to the water.

This way, you will have a database of photos to show, if and when required in future.

With tight advertising deadlines imposed on most Real Estate agencies these days, you don’t want to find that you have to sell your home in the middle of a 3-4 day rainy spell. Better to have that shot taken in summer that you had saved for just such a rainy day.

NIWA say ……

in 2010, the Moon’s closest perigee occurs on 30 January and coincides with a Full Moon

…..means that there will be great photo taking opportunities there for the taking throughout New Zealand.

NIWA also mention Nelson re the highest tides in New Zealand too.

Lunar Semi-diurnal Tide (M2), occurring every 12.4 hours

Highest M2 tides occur in the western Cook Strait area from Taranaki to Nelson. This tide wave propagates anti-clockwise around New Zealand.

And as we go into the evening keep an eye out for the biggest full moon of the year – maybe more photo opportunities?


Don’t forget to check back during the next 2 days and click on the Nelson Webcam images from Takeabreak on the top left of this page, there you can see for yourself. Its updated every 10 minutes throughout the day.

Just by the by another set of NZ records has the highest tide on Monday? Whichever is right the fact is that over the next 2 days they will be high.

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2010 – now when should I sell my home

How many times have I seen this question posed?

Probably about as many times as I have seen answers from newspaper columnists.

And you know what? Has everyone got it right yet? Hmmm?

Is it time for a change to your way of thinking?

Property School 101 says of the volume of properties on the market;

Actually otherwise known as “Supply and Demand.”

Could 2010 be the year you take advantage of these seasonal cycles and make it work for you?

Have you heard of the contrarian theory?

Well two famous ones/individuals spring to mind. I’ll be upfront about this though, these two do conjure up different emotions in most folks.

At no. 1 is the Sage of Omaha.

His contrarian views have made him fabulously wealthy.

How wealthy?

…..your median priced NZ home will buy approximately 3.5 shares (based on tonights close) in his company Berkshire Hathaway, and Warren has 350,000 Class A shares!

As the worlds 2nd richest man, this is what Warren believes

Re read his number 1 point again. (click on image for larger version)

Next at number 2 we have Mr John Paulsen.

Maybe he could have slipped under the radar but for the billions he has made in the last few years, not by going with the real estate boom, but by betting against it.

How did both of these individuals achieve what they did, amass the wealth they have.

Well in both cases, they did it by taking the contrarian view.

How does this relate to Real Estate?

This chart shows the volume of sales nationwide for the last 3 years.

And this one, in a more pronounced fashion courtesy of the benefit of not being averaged out by “NZ Wide” figures”, shows the same time-frame for one of the regions, Nelson in this case. (actually it is Nelson taken out of the Nelson / Marlborough mix)

Not hard to spot a trend is it, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that higher percentages tend to place their properties on the market in late Feb to March and then again, in spring around the Sept / Oct time-frame. (this is for our Southern Hemisphere cousins obviously) The start of spring 2008, Sept into October was not normal for the obvious reasons.

So in saying it would appear that most people are following the pack, but are they doing themselves an injustice in the process.

I was once told, in fact had it repeated just 2 months ago by another investor, that;

“…the best time to go looking was when others weren’t”

and Xmas was perfect to get a bargain according to both of these buyers.

Maybe that was from a Nelson perspective, but really if you want a premium for your $399,000 property surely wouldn’t you agree that you’d stand a better chance of getting it, if your property was the only one in the suburb with its feature-set at that time.

Considering the above headline in tonights paper, then its even more prudent that you shouldn’t want your home to be competing for buyers with 3 or 4 other similar properties in the region. Look seriously to sell at a time of the year when your home faces less competition.

Whens that?

Simple, just look again at the charts above.

Or you could look at it from a contrarian view too – when would be the best time to be a CASH buyer in the NZ residential property market?

At a time when there is heaps of choice, in other words………

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New Zealands Longest Running Kite Festival – 2010

26th January 2010

In the morning the grey skys looked ominous, you couldn’t see the sun,

and there was not even a hint of a gentle zepher.

In true Nelsonian style though, by the afternoon and the official start time of the event,

the clouds had parted, the sun was shining and the sea breezes kicked into gear, in fact so much so that the participants were reportedly “blown away” by our weather.

Thats how went the 19th Annual Kite Festival held in Nelson on Sunday.

More photos, including some close ups of the kites over at Nelson Life here…..

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Air New Zealand – Tipped for another World First from Downunder

25th January 2010

Tipped to be introduced on the long range 777-300ER’s due at the end of this year Air New Zealand will be the first airline in the world (yup,  the same one that was just voted 2009 Airline of the Year) to introduce lie-flat ( like a bed to you and me ) seats into the economy ( aka cattle class ) cabins.

It’s just so important, not just to well traveled Kiwi’s, but to other visitors who make the long trip down south, that they arrive feeling different that they are used to after a long-haul flight. It just makes for a more enjoyable trip and holiday or business trip when you get to your destination at Middle Earth, perhaps soon to loose that nomenclature to a new “Hobbit” status one.

Looks like we can now envisage that “Premium Class” may have something more to do with/to justify a  premium economy fare than we previously thought.

Frankly it’s just another reason why if you decide to fly down to the bottom of the world, to middle earth, you should choose your carrier carefully, and like me, choose Air New Zealand to get you there.

UPDATE – here is the official announcement

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Playing Rugby on a bed of glass grass

20th January 2010

Quite possibly another World First right here in Nelson, the town where the first official game of Rugby was played in New Zealand.

Aiming to be ready well in advance of  the coming 2011 Rugby World Cup matches in Nelson, the Nelson City Council is embarking on a multi-million dollar upgrade of our main central city sporting ground, Trafalgar Park.

As part of Nelsons’ City Council’s commitment to RWC 2011, and budgeted at just under $6m, the world first part is in regards to use of recycled glass as an underpinning for the turf.

The underlying drainage system being utilized is a NZ, and quite possibly world, first.

Multi-sport parks these days have to ready for action in any sort of weather, so with this in mind the local Council scouted, then sourced from Christchurch what at first appears to be an artificial substrate.

However once it all boils down to it, sand is the main component of glass anyway.

In commenting on the approximately 2,800 tonnes of the stuff to be trucked (remember we have no railway line – although maybe a barge could’ve done the task) from Christchurch to Nelson, the council said

Recycled glass sand is an environmentally sustainable material because it is readily available and it doesn’t take away from existing natural resources of sand that are in limited supply. The amount used for the Trafalgar Park carpet turf equals approximately 7% of the glass recycled annually in the South Island

Just after dumping the first load of recycled glass at Trafalgar Park Monday, Nelson Mayor, Kerry Marshall said…

I’m thrilled that Nelson is the first in New Zealand to use a recycled glass sand turf. I hope we’ve set an example about good, sustainable practice, but really it’s just the smart thing to do. Trafalgar Park will be an exceptional facility in many ways after this upgrade, but it’ll be leading the country with its terrific new turf.

In an earlier article, councils senior project manager Shane Davies told the Nelson Mail;

“that workers were laying New Zealand’s first winter pitch with glass sand. Grass will grow through the sand and allow for drainage and irrigation.

If there is a really heavy downpour the sand stores the water away from the top and percolates through to the drainage system.” (The Nelson Mail, Friday 6 November 2009)

He said it could be manufactured to the exact grading required and each year, when a fresh top coat was applied to replenish lost sand, it could be manufactured to the exact grade of the existing sand.

If everything goes to schedule we’ll have a brand new ground come June/July 2010, certainly plenty of time according to the countdown clock at the councils site before the World Cup hits town, and a fabulous asset for Nelson all year round!

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