Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Aerial Real Estate Photography…..Draganfly

I was speaking to a local chap back in Oct/Nov who indicated to me he would have the first Draganfly to fly in New Zealand ………very possibly based in Nelson.

The what?

Cue the video……

Six months ago (with Oz support) I assisted a friend to complete a “business case” on importing one of these to aid with aerial photography opportunities ……now it looks like he mightn’t need to.

Now in what could only be described as “the app” for the Draganfly, comes news in the form of a 360° Panorama, from an aerial stablized platform! Click the above 360 Aerial Tour photo and you decide?

I also noted on their website, the other applications such technology would afford, and was surprised to hear the person mentioned tell me that he already has the “thermal imaging” kit on order.

Potential use – Leaky Homes?

Crop Investigation

Crop Investigation

Know anyone who grows their own grapes,  heres another thermal imaging potential use of the technology in a Vineyard application.

There are heaps more I’m sure.

After seeing the 360 panoramas now I can’t wait to see what it can do locally.