An old friend returns, but…..

My respect for him would have been grander if he had of done the full job in the first place.

Q300s Ready for Business Nelson Airport Sunday AM

Q300s Ready for Business Nelson Airport Sunday AM

However be that as it may, soon you won’t have to catch  a plane here to view the areas that Google left out on their 1st implementation of Nelson imagery.

No matter what I just can’t quite screen capture what I want to show you about the many parts of our town that had been left off Googles original Streetview presentation, just take it from me that they did miss out many many places.

Driving back from an appointment I spotted an unusual car ….…..yes it was an ole friend back in town, hadn’t seen EFR388 for at least a year.

Strangely, he looked a bit worse for wear, and for one of the most “cashed up” companies in the world, was displaying something that I was surprised to see………… duct tape.

Google Streetview Car 2008

Google Streetview Car 2008

Just one glance at that apparatus on last years photo (above) re whats on top of its roof, and then comparing that to this years photo (below)…….you don’t have to be from MENSA to notice……….

Google Streetview Car 2009

Google Streetview Car 2009

…….quite some differences.

In the microprocessor industry, where the chips that run PC’s come from there is a law called Moores Law.

It runs along the lines that everything gets incredibly more powerful (by 100% at least) at the same time that it shrinks at least 50% every few years…..we’ll at least that’s how Intel…and AMD, on the back of that wave, have surfed along quite comfortably offering  faster, but smaller processors.

Then why does this current arrangement on the Holden Astras roof seem to “mock” that theory?

I suspect that this bit of kit is doing a heck of a lot more data gathering that last years model.

Perhaps the photos may be of a much higher resolution too? Maybe video?

2009 Streetview Car rooftop setup

2009 Streetview Car rooftop setup

When your company is making USD$1.35million net profit a day, (last years audited figures) every single  day of the week, you can do lots of things.

With EFR388 back in town,  hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we see what sort of photos were taken.

EFR388 was in town back in 2008 but from tracking her progress that day………..nothing was replicated on the web.  Obviously prior to that trip, a Google car must have been here before that to map out our original “Streetview” style imagery.

Dec 2009’s arrangement though, well she looked even more hi-tech that last time, and in light of Googles Maps / Earth / Android cell phone developments this past year one can just imagine what they must be up to.

I’m thinking about the possibilities of mashing up Google Voice Android / Traffic Data / Augmented Reality / Maps / Google Earth / their new Real estate modules, etc here?

And I’d say GPS makers do have something to be concerned about?

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