Boomers – Top 5 Value Add ons for your New build Home

From a practicality point of view, Tip 4 is probably the most “wanting” thing that I see missing from new homes, be they for aging boomers or other age categories.


Vertical slide out Pantries

Photo Credit – YES


Because they just make so … much sense.

Walk-in pantries are so last ………….

Conveniences to look forward to with a slide-out…….. are things like;

1] not having to reach over something to get to it.

2] having easy access for bulky / heavier items, that could simply…..because of their weight / obscure handling design.…..just slip from hands under a normal pantry environment

3] assisting to reduce the amount of “out of date” merchandise, mainly by quashing the amount of “I’ll use that one day” but it gets something put in front of it ….pattern


4] just ease of physical use, especially if mobility was ever to be an issue

5] everythings clearer! courtesy of the fact that once everything is rolled / wheeled /or slid out you can so much easier conduct a visual examination of an item rather than trying to dechiper one buried in the corner of a dark corner pantry.

6] pound for pound (oophs thats kilo for kilo) you get more real estate, more storage space


7] almost the single most overlooked part of this equation, you know that sort of “deja-vu” when you look at the final plan, or arrive on site to do a “3/4’s finished construction eyeball” that all of a sudden that space between the fridge and the wall or oven isn’t really that big now……….thoughts spring to a dual width vertical “bookcase style” winerack about now….but theres about another 2-3″ you just can’t figure what to do with.


Forget the bookshelf cubby hole style winerack and use that plus those extra 2-3″ to give yourself a present….yes thats right……..a fantastic pull out vertical pantry.

PHOTO CREDIT –Hettich New Zealand

Download their flyer here. (PC disclaimer here – nope I’m not in any way associated with them – they just are smart when it comes to using the web to show me exactly what can be done, in very clear large photos, and I like that.)

PHOTO CREDIT – thelaminexgroup

There are others too.

Its not hard to see that in the end it just comes down to imagination…….oh and physically possible techniques…….then again even on that front……if its something that you conceive, in the world we live in today, it just might be possible?

To my way of thinking few other innovations in the house can make the difference that this small change can. Talking to just about everyone who has one now in their kitchen, the elevator pitch is just about universal “how did I ever do without one of these?”

Most of those that I have seen in new builds conform to the standard cupboard / shelf width style, but hey theres nothing stopping you from being creative….even as far as having adjustable shelving……remember Point 2] above.

Some folks actually have 2 of them! And in questioning them, if they built again they’d probably go for 3! Now what does that tell you?

You really do owe it to your long term sanity to build one of these into your next new kitchen, heck if you don’t want to pay someone else, watch this and DIY.

And in ending heres a great comment from HowStuffWorks….

Store items in your pantry by category. A well-designed pantry can hold much more than food, including dishes and cookware.

Pots, Pans, cooking bowls, surely the advantage offered by a slide-out pantry must be one of the blessings of life now?

But at the end of the day, in all but 1% of cases, it all comes down to cost, and frankly everyone would have all these extra features and more….as long as it doesn’t cost more than 3% of the build cost……..that’s the figure that all the worldwide research shows could turn the corner.

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