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Real Estate Photography – if you can’t do it right…..

……then some else may just do it right for you?

You’ve surely heard before the saying that starts “where there’s a need….”

My previous comments here about the state of some Real Estate photography may not have fallen on the ears of those real estate agents for whom it was intended.

You know the ones who try to take photos when their results quite clearly indicate it should have been left to a professional photographer.

Looking at this the other way, the need out there is from the buyers and sellers in Real Estate to have those all so important first impressions/photos. They recognise that great photography, descriptive shots, as in elevated or aerial ones giving an “out of towner” the lay of the land, can do much too “pip” a buyers interest, and encourage them to further their inquiries on a selected property.

Don’t forget, buyers aren’t just looking at internet listings to visit, they are looking at those ones that they can “cross off” quickly too.

If you make this easy for them, with unattractive, uninviting photographs (remembering people buy emotionally and not logically) then you’ve shot yourself in the foot.

So it is fortunate for those agents mentioned, that Googles latest perspective / “angled” / slant view is only currently available in the states, with just a few towns like San Jose and San Diego in California currently available, according to a post on their weblog.

So what is it?

If you look at the image left – snapshot’d from (link will only work as long as this property is still listed for sale) US search real estate engine Trulia you may notice something, even at this reduced resolution.

Yes the Google Streetview image is still there.

But……..then just below that?

….is the new one, its the new “angled” / perspective view.

Google’s blog post has the following to say about it;

“This new perspective gives users the ability to tilt their view of the world. In addition to seeing hotel rooftops like in our current “satellite” view, users can now see both the rooftop and sides of the hotel at an angle. In fact, users can rotate around all the sides of a hotel to get 4 different views from back to front.”

The strip image is a smaller version of the original snapshot here…..caution ~ it is a large file.

I sense Aerial Photographers out there may see a part of their business being taken away by this development.

Another competitor to Trulia is Redfin in the states and their implementation is slightly diffrent.

In this listing for a USD$15m McMansion, they present the one window, and offer you the viewer the options, as arrowed, to see the different angled views, alongside their normal selection, for yourself………this option perhaps better suited to mobile devices because at a guess, the one window would save $$$ on download bandwidth.

Heres another one from Google just so you can have a “look see” at what can be done.

And a couple more here.

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