Realtors – numbers increase 20% in 9 months

7th December 2009

You might recall that I’ve previously spoken about ActiveRain, the no. 1 “Realtor” Network in the States.

Not just because I am one of the few overseas members there ( thats why on the admin’s advice you might notice I show up as a Hawaii realtor), but mostly because it is number 1,  and even more certainly because of the way forward that it points.

What I mean in that statement is really quite important, and candidly the only way this sort of thing will ever have longevity. (check out some of their posts if you don’t believe and I dare you to tell me after reading a dozen of them you haven’t picked up at least some good advice)

Answer me this?

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with advertising?

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with “how great thou is” or “how great thouse deeds have been?”

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with cunning “Last Chance” or “You’ve been specially selected” headings anymore?

The point here is that todays interested web-surfer can find all of this in a jiffy if they want, and frankly that is the whole enchilada……….finding what you want, when you want, on your terms, in the most convenient place, time & way.

………..Add to that todays designated “web-surfer” is actually a future cashed up property buyer, then you realise their radar is peaking higher than Joe 90’s……and take that to mean that their corresponding “b*llsh*t radar is just as highly tuned.

They only want………..well actually …….. only what they really want!

I, like some of my colleagues have surely sat here and felt guilty posting so regular that at times when you view the “Voices” list of notifications, out of the 4-5-6 featured posts, you can often see one of our names appear more than once.

Not for choice let me tell you……..its just that we have a story to tell, or information to impart.

Importantly, and the best thing about this platform, is that any information posted is subject to 100% public dissection, critique, …………so basically its completely open to any disagreeable persons comment, and that to my way of thinking is such a valuable resource……….but alas……….whose participating….. Hmmmm?

So……..why aren’t more professionals using it?

There is nothing to lose.

Frankly I don’t know why they aren’t.

But let me tell you, our cousins across the big ditch, think they refer to it as a “pond” in their terms, are encompassing the whole spectrum of open transparency in a ……..well …….cue the obligatory graph here

….very expansionary way………near on 20% increase in numbers, and how much is that…..only 27042 NEW MEMBERs in the last 9 months!

Let me repeat that number……


in about 9 months, amongst some of the toughest times States side real estate consultants will tell you.

And our equivalent situation here in NZ, in what I would have to term just a slightly less skewed market than that of the USA……….well count them……..someone would know……….I’d guess 20-50 at max.

Bit of a difference in numbers I’d suggest, but I’m relying on school cert maths holding up here.

I want to use all the words available in the english language to say what I think here, but on the grounds of professional courtesy…….I have to refrain.

I feel the force is amongst us, (in fact yes here it is, strangely enough very strong, at least double any other region of NZ) but anyway the observant here can easily, I hope, spot a trend in the above graphic?

Please tell me why Kiwi Realtors – Real Estate Professionals………”just don’t get it?”

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5 thoughts on “Realtors – numbers increase 20% in 9 months

  1. avatarSteve Koerber

    Had to chuckle David and I must say it’s a serious head scratcher for me too. I’m thinking in 5 years it might gain some traction. But of course our ever busy leader, Alistair, is about to upgrade Voices and make it better and easier with more plugins etc, so I believe. That might bring more people onboard, perhaps? He should run a competition or take a few realtors on his road trips…now there’s an idea!

    I set my voices blog up too late and apparently that meant I can’t have the nicer looking one you have, nor access to widgets and plugins you have. So I can’t wait for the upgrade to join your ranks and stop using my boring non-voices wordpress version.

    In the meantime it’s great to receive approx an email a day from a realtor or a customer/client telling me I’m so advanced. I guess they haven’t seen what they’re doing in the USA! You probably get a lot more congrats than I do since yours is so much better and you post regularly.

    I have a theory about why the tech take up is so slow amongst NZ realtors. I reckon if you did an industry spelling test in the USA versus NZ, they’d beat us by about 80%!! So many NZ agents I know simply can’t spell and are too scared to put pen to paper, let alone, index finger to keyboard. Trawl through US realtor blogs and see how many spelling/grammatical mistakes you find – very few.

  2. avatarDavid Leggott

    You may not recognise me…but I was lucky enough to be invited to a Barfoots conference where you were up on stage in front of nearly 2000 fellow audiences members. SkyCity it was.
    Prolly back in 2006/2007.
    Colour me impressed is all I can say.
    As a newbie I was incredibly impressed with your professionalism, and let me say…..I have so far experienced no sense of that dissipating.
    Yes you work in a world different to me (High side of Remuera from what I remember)…and I hesitate to ask yr avg sale price…in fact therefore I won’t.
    However at the end of the day, I would feel confident enough to say that the transparency that the medium offers us is probably yet to be fully experienced in NZ.
    Sad……really sad.
    Yup, there is absolutely…as it would inevitably be…plenty of “closed door” talkers like those at propertytalk, the other forums, etc. Let them come out of the closet and advantage every single NZ’er.
    After all, what the avg Kiwi property buyer has been through this last decade and all that ……at least this is the perfect time to front up…..AND help them………
    And on a final point ~ that leaky home situation Steve?
    This new law is it kinda “prep case ready” on this one?
    I am not going to offer a chequebook to one of the aspiring 1,000 lawyer / solicitors leaving Uni this year, but overall it seems kinda sad that they, those certain legal entities, will perhaps win financially in the end, with the inevitable REAA cases….perhaps in front of those, the home owners…whom might not.

  3. avatarAlistair Helm


    As ever a great question and thought provoking piece.

    As to why NZ agents don’t get it?

    There are many reasons, sadly a fundamental one is the online illiteracy of many of them – we see it all the time at presentations and training sessions – the eyes glaze over!!

    The key thing is – think not hwy so few get it, think more the value you get, because you get it!!!

    As to numbers – the US has / has around 2 million realtors, NZ has say 14,000. So on the same pro-rata rate we should have 1,162 Voices blogs.

    The number of Voices blogs is at last count around 160. So we are behind – a long way. We are upgrading (taking way longer than I wanted or thought – for that I apologise)that will give us a chance to re-present the opportunity.

    However what I have found of greater value is taking baby steps with agents. Rather than try and get them to blog – try and get them to start by having a profile page! – at least then they have a Google indexed reference on the web.

    You have yours ( although I would have to say it could do with a re-wording to make it into a profile rather than a single referral. Given you are so transparent and open in the blog, it is surprising that your referral is anonymous!

  4. avatarSteve Koerber

    Thanks David for your kind words, I love this business like you and can’t wait for more people to get into the tech side of real estate. It’s the way of the future for sure.

    Re the leaky stuff, I’ve gone a bit quiet there to see how the new Act affects some of the more suspect homes. At least I feel my customers are better protected, hope they are all better protected, not just mine.

    Yep the lawyers will keep being the winners until such time as the Govt fesses up and takes responsibility for allowing the mess. Methinks that is a long shot, but you gotta have dreams eh!

    Alistair, I’m looking at spending $3000 for a personal website upgrade of my blog. Should I wait for the Voices upgrade?

  5. avatarDavid Leggott

    Fair comment – will update that page. Just that I’m curious if some people will read 500-1000 words?
    I do hope this new ACT offers further levels of protection in the case of the weathertight homes issue. It certainly wouldn’t be before time!

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