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Realtors – numbers increase 20% in 9 months

7th December 2009

You might recall that I’ve previously spoken about ActiveRain, the no. 1 “Realtor” Network in the States.

Not just because I am one of the few overseas members there ( thats why on the admin’s advice you might notice I show up as a Hawaii realtor), but mostly because it is number 1,  and even more certainly because of the way forward that it points.

What I mean in that statement is really quite important, and candidly the only way this sort of thing will ever have longevity. (check out some of their posts if you don’t believe and I dare you to tell me after reading a dozen of them you haven’t picked up at least some good advice)

Answer me this?

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with advertising?

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with “how great thou is” or “how great thouse deeds have been?”

Do weblog readers want to be bombarded with cunning “Last Chance” or “You’ve been specially selected” headings anymore?

The point here is that todays interested web-surfer can find all of this in a jiffy if they want, and frankly that is the whole enchilada……….finding what you want, when you want, on your terms, in the most convenient place, time & way.

………..Add to that todays designated “web-surfer” is actually a future cashed up property buyer, then you realise their radar is peaking higher than Joe 90’s……and take that to mean that their corresponding “b*llsh*t radar is just as highly tuned.

They only want………..well actually …….. only what they really want!

I, like some of my colleagues have surely sat here and felt guilty posting so regular that at times when you view the “Voices” list of notifications, out of the 4-5-6 featured posts, you can often see one of our names appear more than once.

Not for choice let me tell you……..its just that we have a story to tell, or information to impart.

Importantly, and the best thing about this platform, is that any information posted is subject to 100% public dissection, critique, …………so basically its completely open to any disagreeable persons comment, and that to my way of thinking is such a valuable resource……….but alas……….whose participating….. Hmmmm?

So……..why aren’t more professionals using it?

There is nothing to lose.

Frankly I don’t know why they aren’t.

But let me tell you, our cousins across the big ditch, think they refer to it as a “pond” in their terms, are encompassing the whole spectrum of open transparency in a ……..well …….cue the obligatory graph here

….very expansionary way………near on 20% increase in numbers, and how much is that…..only 27042 NEW MEMBERs in the last 9 months!

Let me repeat that number……


in about 9 months, amongst some of the toughest times States side real estate consultants will tell you.

And our equivalent situation here in NZ, in what I would have to term just a slightly less skewed market than that of the USA……….well count them……..someone would know……….I’d guess 20-50 at max.

Bit of a difference in numbers I’d suggest, but I’m relying on school cert maths holding up here.

I want to use all the words available in the english language to say what I think here, but on the grounds of professional courtesy…….I have to refrain.

I feel the force is amongst us, (in fact yes here it is, strangely enough very strong, at least double any other region of NZ) but anyway the observant here can easily, I hope, spot a trend in the above graphic?

Please tell me why Kiwi Realtors – Real Estate Professionals………”just don’t get it?”

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