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Just in – Reflections on Nelson Real Estate Market – Nov 2009

1st December 2009

Well we actually don’t have to do much more than turn to this morning’s latest “New Zealand Property Report – November 2009” not only to gain perspective, but most importantly to see a very impartial overview – courtesy of the reality that it’s actually based on national “multi-agency” daily compiled facts.

I do hope I’ll be excused for butchering these charts but they do illustrate a compelling story.

Are we booming?

Well no, frankly I prefer to liken local activity to what happens to the H2O in a “babbling brook.”

To my way of thinking, that would definitely be more representative of local conditions.

Inventory of listings

Colour me impressed here!

Like other Nelsonians, I find there’s a heck of a lot to like in this.

Recalling many past TV programs here……….I hear the words……… “steady as she goes”

No bust, bubble, or other Wall St word, etc …really……just that previously mentioned “babbling brook.”

Although after viewing the above data, one might be forgiven for saying “witness that the number of new listings would tend to suggest”…… that the local Nelson Real Estate market is trending towards a buyers market?

Not true.

Huh? …..Why?

Well on Oct 22nd Nelson had 345 listings for sale.

Nov 11 saw 371

Nov 23 stumped up with 370

Nov 28 displayed 359.

Not exactly magnitudinal changes here.

And is there a surprise?

One could think that the local listings suggest that the earlier talked about Brook is going just ……..fine………

To use a clichés…………”at the end of the day”……our market is all about consistency.

Full Stop.


End of Story.

CREDIT – All Graphics (except my additions to them) Courtesy www.realestate.co.nz

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