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Aerial Real Estate Photography…..Draganfly

I was speaking to a local chap back in Oct/Nov who indicated to me he would have the first Draganfly to fly in New Zealand ………very possibly based in Nelson.

The what?

Cue the video……

Six months ago (with Oz support) I assisted a friend to complete a “business case” on importing one of these to aid with aerial photography opportunities ……now it looks like he mightn’t need to.

Now in what could only be described as “the app” for the Draganfly, comes news in the form of a 360° Panorama, from an aerial stablized platform! Click the above 360 Aerial Tour photo and you decide?

I also noted on their website, the other applications such technology would afford, and was surprised to hear the person mentioned tell me that he already has the “thermal imaging” kit on order.

Potential use – Leaky Homes?

Crop Investigation

Crop Investigation

Know anyone who grows their own grapes,  heres another thermal imaging potential use of the technology in a Vineyard application.

There are heaps more I’m sure.

After seeing the 360 panoramas now I can’t wait to see what it can do locally.

An old friend returns, but…..

My respect for him would have been grander if he had of done the full job in the first place.

Q300s Ready for Business Nelson Airport Sunday AM

Q300s Ready for Business Nelson Airport Sunday AM

However be that as it may, soon you won’t have to catch  a plane here to view the areas that Google left out on their 1st implementation of Nelson imagery.

No matter what I just can’t quite screen capture what I want to show you about the many parts of our town that had been left off Googles original Streetview presentation, just take it from me that they did miss out many many places.

Driving back from an appointment I spotted an unusual car ….…..yes it was an ole friend back in town, hadn’t seen EFR388 for at least a year.

Strangely, he looked a bit worse for wear, and for one of the most “cashed up” companies in the world, was displaying something that I was surprised to see………… duct tape.

Google Streetview Car 2008

Google Streetview Car 2008

Just one glance at that apparatus on last years photo (above) re whats on top of its roof, and then comparing that to this years photo (below)…….you don’t have to be from MENSA to notice……….

Google Streetview Car 2009

Google Streetview Car 2009

…….quite some differences.

In the microprocessor industry, where the chips that run PC’s come from there is a law called Moores Law.

It runs along the lines that everything gets incredibly more powerful (by 100% at least) at the same time that it shrinks at least 50% every few years…..we’ll at least that’s how Intel…and AMD, on the back of that wave, have surfed along quite comfortably offering  faster, but smaller processors.

Then why does this current arrangement on the Holden Astras roof seem to “mock” that theory?

I suspect that this bit of kit is doing a heck of a lot more data gathering that last years model.

Perhaps the photos may be of a much higher resolution too? Maybe video?

2009 Streetview Car rooftop setup

2009 Streetview Car rooftop setup

When your company is making USD$1.35million net profit a day, (last years audited figures) every single  day of the week, you can do lots of things.

With EFR388 back in town,  hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we see what sort of photos were taken.

EFR388 was in town back in 2008 but from tracking her progress that day………..nothing was replicated on the web.  Obviously prior to that trip, a Google car must have been here before that to map out our original “Streetview” style imagery.

Dec 2009’s arrangement though, well she looked even more hi-tech that last time, and in light of Googles Maps / Earth / Android cell phone developments this past year one can just imagine what they must be up to.

I’m thinking about the possibilities of mashing up Google Voice Android / Traffic Data / Augmented Reality / Maps / Google Earth / their new Real estate modules, etc here?

And I’d say GPS makers do have something to be concerned about?

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Nelson Home Sales Report November 2009 – UPDATED

UPDATED 15th Dec 2009

This is a follow on / up to my Preview post of a couple days back.

Here are the Official REINZ figures released yesterday, Monday 14th Dec 2009.


The region median price for a Nelson/Marlborough home nudged up from Octobers $320,000 to $326,000 in November. The Institute report that in the region overall 199 houses sold vs 206 last month, October 2009. A year ago in November 2008 the figure was 154.
As mentioned earlier 100 houses sold in Nelson City in November (Vs 93 in October 2009 and 59 last year in November ). Likewise the median price for a Nelson City home increased to $320,000 (Vs $315,000 the month prior and $330,000 in November 2008.

With property investment at the top of the list for Kiwi assets, the”safe as houses” thread was reinforced again with the Institute noted that since 2000 when the median home price was NZD$174,000, national median home prices have doubled. They also commented that the NZ median home price “is also up $17,500 or 5.2 percent on the median price for November 2008.”

One thing to stand out was the fact that Nelson did not “standout.”

In other words no specific mention in the November Sales report re any major surge or falls.

This is a good thing because as I frequently contend, its further evidence that our market is a stable one, witness this snapshot from a latest REINZ chart.

You can’t help but spot the fact of the purple and blue lines getting very close can you?

Ample demonstration that you must get your price right first time in todays market.

Its also a sign that that the stock on the market is tight.

Further illustration of our area’s situation on the national map is ventured with this graphic, again another snapshot from a latest REINZ chart.

You can see that Stoke’s blue line very closely tracks the nation (the dark green line)and in fact Richmond isn’t too far off either, signs of a healthy and sturdy local market. The bright green one, well that’s from another part of the country, but I thought it adds contrast to what I’m talking about.

REINZ – Real Estate Institute of New Zealand

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Busted – found just what I was looking for

14th December 2009

I can’t believe my luck…… I was posting all these items about Boomers new homes design…..and you know what…….courtesy of an email just in from Switzerland, I’ve been alerted to this……….weirdly its already in my own country.

If you have been following my previous part 1 / 2 / 3 posts on what, you, as a boomer, are going to do when it comes to building your next dream home, the one that will last you and yr partner till they “take you out in a box” then listen up………

Check out this site, not simply because its exactly what I’ve been proposing……..but it will save me from having to post Tip #5, moreover you’ll just get one get heck of a lot of good stuff out of it.

And as I have pointed out before, ultimately if your lifestyle means you are going to live for another 50 years then this is the best that you can do, in home design, if you have to sell ever again. That way ensuring any resale opportunity will get that premium dollar …………….which will then enable yourselves to continue onwards in a healthy financial way.

PS…… Based on his established history as a spokesperson for “the people” I feel Dave Russell is a guy that I can respect

PPS….there seems to be a lot of effort put into what these folks are doing on this website…and so I believe you could do a lot worst than sign up to their “Lifetimes” Newsletter……….what could be the worst thing to happen  ………perhaps you could get an idea that helps you to live out your golden years in a lot more peace than what was otherwise possible….?

Where are the Biggest Houses in the World

13th December 2009

THIS POST ALSO DUPLICATED ON ACTIVERAIN a few days ago……………but thought that considering the amount of readers here that probably regularly visit there…….it was worth posting here.

The Biggest Houses in the world, it would seem, are in Australia, USA and New Zealand……and in that order.

Pole House Great Ocean Road Fairavern Victoria

PHOTO Fairhaverns Great Ocean Rd Pole House** – video link here


You see the ubiquitous word “lifestyle” bandied around so much these days.

So here’s the question I pose.

Have you considered that the actual larger size of our dwellings in Australiasia may have a lot to do with our lifestyle, or a visitors perception of it, perhaps, even if its only in an involuntary / unconscious sort of way?

Involuntary / Unconscious?

Well many visitors from overseas visiting NZ or Australia for the first time seem to always be struck by the lifestyle, well thats what they tell us/me anyway.

What I’m wondering out loud here is if the fact that our larger residences, say in comparision to the UK for example, could play a bigger psychological role in forming that overall lifestyle equivalent equation.


After all our larger Open Plan living area’s do mean you aren’t constantly bumping into another family member, or having to put up with juniors constant beep beep beeping of his handheld game machine…..something that might be just a tad different when your reception room is just 14ft x 12ft?

Usually large residences are the realm of Hollywood stars, millionaires, residents of California or Florida, or those folk who feature in editions of that US TV Show “Extreme Makeover.”

Just consider the above chart if you will.

The latest report was commissioned by the Commwealth Banks research arm Commsec, via ABS data.

The Courier Mail quoted CommSec’s Craig James as saying;

“The increase in the size of the average family unit may mean that fewer new homes need to be built”

One also wonders whether the fact that Kiwis and Aussies have so much of their individual personal wealth tied up in their family home doesn’t have something to do with it either.

Then again I’m not so sure that all countries measure the same way as we do too. I mean do other countries always count the garage square meterage as part of the home, likewise porch or patio?

And in a slightly related yet interesting factoid the Sydney Morning Heralds Peter Martin reported in his front page Monday story last week, that in Australia fully 1 in 7 new homes (15%) are only replacing demolished homes. That is interesting.

This quote below, albeit from April 2005, from Ian Graham of also adds to the discussion;

The only point being made here is that people in the top five countries for this statistic have a lot of space, and that they all speak English, which is a factor of their sharing a common mother country. It isn’t surprising for the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Australia to have such large houses, since those countries all have population densities of less than 30 people per square kilometer, far less than the United Kingdom’s rate of 244.69 people per square kilometer.

One point I could make is that, along with its language, England also exported a culture which valued individuality and privacy, and also that these former colonies have prospered economically, with New Zealand having the lowest ranking of the five in GDP per capita, at 35th-highest in the world. Presumably, people in Pakistan, India and Nicaragua would build houses large enough so that up to three people didn’t have to share a room, if they could afford to.

Other points could also be made, such as the relationship that seems to exist between controlled population growth (all five of the countries with the largest houses have an average annual increase of less than one percent) and a higher standard of living.

Also in Australia, their Bureau of Statistics data in that report commissioned by CommSec also showed the average floor area of new free-standing houses (thats not including apartments or flats) across the ditch was 245.3sqm, a record high they stated.

CommSec’s Craig James told the ABC, in referring to new build house, that;

our homes are about a third bigger than they were 20 years ago, and 10% bigger than they were a decade ago

And the last interesting factoid to leave you with, courtesy of ……….

Meanwhile, over the last 20 years, the average new detached house in Australia and New Zealand has increased by an amount equivalent to the average total size of a house in United Kingdom.

I guess as a Kiwi theres only one word to say here……Hmmmm?

** the Pole House pictured top is available to rent out for your next holiday I see here.