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Leaky Homes – Best Explanation seen

Courtesy of a link posted at realestate.co.nz’s forums**, I was directed to a blog post by Peter Cresswell.

In a post titled – LEAKY HOMES, Part 2: What’s going on inside your walls? he writes what I think is one of the most understandable articles on the subject I have seen. As Peter is an Auckland architect, he would most certainly be aware of his topic.

His article is peppered with technical explanations which assists greatly for anyone unassociated or unfamiliar with the building trades. Peter concludes with what I believe are some justifiable pointing fingers.

In commenting on the Governments offer to pay 10% of a claim,  a poster from the “Solving NZ’s leaky home disaster” thread on realestate.co.nz forums posted the following thought…..

If the government pay out 10% of the total then they will get back 12.5% GST on all the extra activity created by the reclads – so in effect they make 2.5% on the way through. Good one John Key!

Makes you wonder?

With the new 2008 ACT firmly in place, I suggest its well worth a read to come up to speed on this important topic.

In related news from another part of the world read here about the Chinese drywall situation in the States, I also briefly touch on the situation with BATTS in Australia.

There’s also some good links to info over at Steve Koerbers site here, as well as his opinions on how to fix it here.

** – where I believe members of the public, as well as real estate licensees (real estate agents) can join up to have discussions on many real estate related topics


24th Nov – go here.

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