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Former Real Estate Agent set to become multi-Billionaire….

17th November 2009

Can a career in Real Estate really give you a “step up” for future prosperity?

Well ……if this is anything to go by, a yes vote comes to mind.

Monday 16th Nov 2009….and the Australian Financial Review reports on their website Front Page above that indeed this could soon happen to a certain Clive Palmer………former Gold Coast Real Estate Agent.

From there comments…..

Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer has often boasted of being Australia’s richest man, talking openly about his finances, his fleet of flashy boats and his private jets.

So whats the deal?

Well MacQuaire Group (yup ……. that co with hundreds of their own millionaires already on the payroll)  and UBS are proceeding to launch Clives “Resourcehouse” onto the Hong Kong sharemarket. And in their opinion its been valued at AUD$10.7 – $16 billion.

So significant is this amount, that indeed if it eventuates in the projected float, Clive will find himself trumping the current Australia’s richest man by 100%, the young Mr Pratt….no small fry himself …..although in no small part based on his inheritance of his unfortunately recently departed Dads colossal fortune!

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Perhaps my Shortest Post Ever


I’ve decided to relinquish – favourite word on the telephone for a Real Estate Agent…but I digress.

I’ve relinquished the URL www.nzblog.co.nz, by about 11am tomorrow.

So if you are interested…go for it.

Frankly all it did was redirect to here anyway.

And so anyway……… why am I making this post?

One reason folks ~ its not a bad URL ~ and I think it should be associated with Real Estate.

Hey if not ~ score!