Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

Tomorrow is November 17 2009 – heres “The Book”

16th November 2009

As every Real Estate Agent around the nation knows, tomorrow the new NZ Real Estate Agent Act 2008 goes into effect.

Everyone has been to plenty of meetings over this last two weeks to “fill in the gaps” as it were to gain a complete understanding of the new act, and certainly any additional obligations.

In light of this and in light especially of the generosity of one man, I think it is prudent to point out to all New Zealand Real Estate Agents as I did back in June, that John Bradley has gone to the trouble of not only writing an ebook on the subject but has then demonstrated a great attitude by graciously making it available for download or to read online for FREE!

You can download or view the book, here at his site www.november17.co.nz.


Have just noticed he has released another add on to the original book here, calling it The Sequel – this time its only available online, and after reading it you will soon see why.

Although it appears John may have his own “barrow to push” at the site, he still deserves credit for his offering.

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