Daily Archives: November 12, 2009

New Updated Nelson Property CV’s released

12th November 2009

Any day now, Nelson Ratepayers will receive in the mail from the Nelson City Council their updated Rateable Value figures.

The last updated ones were in Sept 2006.

And you don’t need me to tell you a lot has happened in Real Estate since then.

Looks like from today though, courtesy of the Councils website, you can have a a preview by going to the rates section.

To get to the Nelson City Council Rates Section go here.

You’ll be on the above page – page down to enter your search address selection (don’t add st or rd or ave just seems to search ok on the main street name)

It will take you either to a selection window for similiar addresses or straight to the main page.

Once on the main details page, as below, page down to the spot pictured here, and you will spot a new addition in blue text stating Next Year – 2010/11………..Click that.

And you’ll be transported to the page below, showing what your new CV is.

You can double check by looking at the Valuation Date to note its the same as the one in the shot above.

As I mentioned, they are due in the mail in a couple days or so, but at least you can have a sneak peak if you’re interested, and may want to consider objecting.