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Flip HD on Bondi Beach – Towel Surfing?

11th November 2009

Aussies beating us again?

As Richardson & Wrench Mosman & Neutral Bays’s Robert Simeon has just pointed out over at his Real Estate blogsite, Towel Surfing has arrived.

Apparently last Friday, Towel Surfing was born in Australia – launched at none other than Kiwis favourite Aussie Beach – Bondi – surely an expensive piece of real estate in itself and a place dear to many Kiwis hearts.

In light of Aussies being the first in the world to experience an iPod worm this week – albeit of the Rick Astley flavour (yes, he of RickRolling fame), you just have to watch this gem, and tell me if it doesn’t make you smile.

As one suspects by the Youtube user name its got something to do with the launch of the latest “Flip HD” mini video camera that Bond & Bond launched here in NZ last week.

According to quite a few US Realtors this device is now a Real Estate Agent must have.

I’ve been told by a few over there that many Realtors have adopted a carry-it-with-them-at-all-times attitude to this small & capable device.

Tell me you can’t see the potential for walkthrough Real Estate videos with this new device, or video testimonials – its just a matter of time.

Apparently one of its claim to fames, from a Real Estate user perspective anyway, is its not only so easy to use, but many think its just a cell phone camera, and have no idea of the fabulous 720p video it will produce. Many people when faced with a camera for a testimonial / similar will develop a “public speaking” type of fear and clam – up.

First user reports from US Realtors using this camera (theres also the Creative one, a Kodak one and a new Samsung one – and I’m sure there will be more soon) is the lack of this fear and a more natural appearance on camera of their subjects.

I suspect more than anything one of the “boxes ticked” with these new “so-small” devices is the almost instantaneous upload to Youtube for that video walk-through just taken. This one-click upload isn’t exclusive to the Flip it seems the Samsung and I’m sure the others do so too.

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Nelson Home Sales Report October 2009 – PREVIEW

Increasing market sentiment as depicted overall by the graphics in the latest October 2009 NZ Property Report has been replicated during October in the local Nelson Property market.

ABOVE GRAPHIC – NZ Property Report Oct 2009

The usual surge in listings just did not happen.

Towards the end of winter residential property listings for Nelson were hovering around the 310 – 320 mark, lifting through September to 330 – 345, then October 2009 saw Nelson listings lift by just a few percentage points to sit around the 350-365 mark.

This has obviously been good news to property sellers ears.

Witness a multi-offer situation on one of our companies property listings earlier this week, 11 multiple offers were presented, with the one that was finally accepted having an offer price nearly 15% over the initial advertised price. I’ve also heard today of another multi-offer from a competitor company for another Nelson property in which I believe 8 separate offers were tabled.

What a difference a year can make?

Oct 2009 saw a near year on year doubling of residential sales to 91 units, compared with sales of 51 residential sales in Oct 2008.

Quite simply the impact of recent constraints on mortgage financial product availability have affected our market. To that extent our median (on a preliminary basis) sits at $315,000 which is considerably down on last months, but interestingly a near identical figure as Oct 2008.

A similar story with “Days taken to Sell”, Oct 2009 was 33 days verse 63 days for October last year.

CHART – click on above for larger version

One particularly fascinating development was the median “Asking Price to Listing Price” percentage.

It would be the first time in 12 months of compiling this Nelson monthly breakdown summary that practically all segments were achieving a median of 100%. (as above chart depicts)

ABOVE GRAPHIC – NZ Property Report Oct 2009

In fact only one didn’t acheive that median figure, that was for the 4 bedroom category……..still at 99.7% of asking price, you’d have to say it was close.

Sections rebounded and how!

After a slack showing at the start of 2009, where residential sections sold numbers were in the very low single digits per month, we’ve become accustomed to 10 a month or so for the last 3 months at least. October 2009 surged to 27 sections, and that must be close to a high for some considerable time I suggest.

Official REINZ October figures are due out shortly.

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