Will Nelson win 2009s Sunshine Capital of NZ race?

It’s looking like it might be on the cards after we were treated unfairly by the sun for the past couple of years and passed the crown onto our neighbor, Marlborough last year.

Coming out of the coldest October in over half a century, its nice to see and feel a the return to the warmth today.

The ongoing battle for the title of New Zealand sunniest place swung in Nelsons favour in October as we received an extra 12.4hrs more sunshine than Blenheim for the month.

Continuing on a theme seen many times before, if last nights weather map is anything to go by, that trend may be set to continue.

We aren’t exactly a mystery town any longer, not with Tripadvisors mention this year of Nelson being second runner up to Stratford Upon Avon as Worlds Most Charming Town winners.

By the end of last month, October 2009, Nelsons tally for the year so far is 71hrs of sunshine ahead of Marlborough.

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