Stoke’s Nayland College wins National Enterprise Award

4th November 2009

What has Stoke Nelson’s Nayland College** got that other NZ Colleges haven’t?

Well for the second year running, really special students it would seem.

Last November the Nelson Mail reported that Nayland College’s Marissa Renwick, 18 picked up a NZD$12,000 study grant for achieving New Zealands highest mark in the Young Enterprise Exam. She was competing against 1680 other students nationally.

Fast forward to 2009. This time Nayland College not only achieves first place, they take second place and then scoop the field by taking third place as well!

You tell me …………………….co-incidence?

Its great to see young adults being trained for the “real world” reality for which they will undoubtedly enter soon, not just in a theory sense, but – also in a very practical one – and in an award winning way.

For any parent, now this would be a crowning achievement for your youngsters.

The exam was set and marked by a university and moderated by Cambridge International Examinations. Students who passed gained 14 credit equivalents at level three.

Could there be something in the local water, after all nearby we have reputably rated by Guinness no less, the worlds clearest water.