Real Estate Agent helper No.7 – Earth URL

Like to give a link to a potential property buyer to offer them a visual overview of that listing, especially to someone not located in the town.

Then you need to check out Earth URL.

This simple URL here…..

…..will take you right to an overhead Google Earth aerial view of the location and its surrounding streets, parks, shops, neighbourhood.

Its a bit like one of those URL shortening services like or tiny.url that tweeter users utilize to save character space, only this one is to make the use of Google Earth so much easier.

In fact Google have just announced a further update to their imagery and at the same time a competition of sorts for Twitter users, to allow those with too much spare time on their hands, to post interesting sites / pics they find.

Have noticed that the clouds we had over where I live have now disappeared in this latest imagery update.

This really is a great aid to Real Estate agents, enabling them to firstly setup, then instantly generate a specific URL for that address. Certainly saves you having to learn about kmz or kml files.

Also in passing, I’ve noticed Google Earth now shows sponsored links……. hmmmm …….. I sense a plan coming together here.

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