Boomers – Top 5 Value Add on’s for your New Home

Boomers thinking of building that last dream home before you consider options that may include not being able to be as mobile as before…..yes….I know I know of course it’s not going to happen soon…….but just humour me here will you.

After finding out, to my surprise that Rymans local Ernest Rutherford Retirement village is down to its absolute (land space says its so) last 4 units, 2 x 3 bedroom ones and 2 x 2 bedroom ones, I am really left wondering. (in fact the 3 bedders are available for 399 and 400+ for the 2nd one, and the absolute last 2 bedders are around the $300-320k mark)

The company I work for, Summit Real Estate, sold the land and obviously the site back in the mid 2000’s, we were privy to the plans that showed 64 separate x 2 bedroom villas were to be constructed on the site.

UPDATE …..Today…….well they have kinda surpassed that number… a time that many pundits would suggest was one of the worst Real Estate winters in memory.

By how much? Another 10 or 20, above the original 64 units? Strangely enough that original number has been surpassed, with in 18 months……….and how? They are closing soon on unit 112!

Tip 1

Most importantly………….insist 100% that “lever” action door handles are fitted on every single door.

This one is an absolute, and if you have to ask………..well frankly,……..don’t!

Simple yes and possibly no more than an overall $250 fix at max……but if you have been at the coal face and you hear “but the kitchen is the wrong colour” type of statements every weekend at Open Homes, then take it from me…………. this is an insight into the human psyche and how it works / thinks, and one that if you ignore, you ignore at your own peril.

Tip 2

Electrical Outlets – insist they are at least 600mm up, definitely not those 60mm above the skirting board types. Get your builder to recognize the room placement too.

They should realize that if your lounge has a picture window, or ranch-sliders that look towards the hills / sea, then  you should definitely be consulted about the otherwise (in their minds anyway) insignificant aspect of power point / TV antenna / Sky Dish / Stereo speakers inlet/outlet placement/location.

At the very least you should already be considering where your furniture will sit, and make allowances for that, for the cables, etc.

NOTE: – re furniture I mean the furniture for your new location, not the large oversize ones that occupy your 4-5 bedroom home presently. Think not only of the unit in the lounge, what about that one in the dining room, and while you’re at it, how are you going to fit that fantastically accommodating dresser from your master bedroom – hmmm – compromises?

We are still a few years off completely wireless setups.

You do not want to be leaning over the back of the lounge to switch on the reading light/floor lamp every night.

And the more that buyers demand these sort of things in a newer home, the better.

While I’m at it make sure you spend a few extra dollars to get raised outlets, or if your eye sight is failing for a few extra dollars get a switch outlet that has adjacent lights in the traffic light style format green = on and obviously red = off.

This might certainly not be that obvious to your 51 year old eyes……make sure that any numbers printed anywhere……….temperature controls………underfloor heating………heatpump, etc are in extra large type.

Actually…………Yes I do know that those Japanese heatpumps have their standized wall mounted semi-remote control mechanisms and that between the remote control and that standard wall mount there is not a heck of a lot of options. All I’m saying is that a prep conversation with your installer/supplier may alert you to another option for an extra $20-30, so why not ask.

Tip 3

…….coming up

2 thoughts on “Boomers – Top 5 Value Add on’s for your New Home

  1. avatarDavid

    I love how you’ve started this one Dave.
    Like the lever action door hardware! Never thought that one to its natural end.

    How about no lips on door frames so your visitors or occupants don’t fall on their face and break a hip when entering your home or going out onto a deck.

    Either single level or a mini lift installed (or design a cavity space that could hold a small one floor lift. Either that or make sure the stairways a wide enough to accomodate a mobile person and a one person stair lift (

    Build in Brick! Don’t need to say anymore do I?

    An outdoor space that can is small enough to be mowed by a pensioner with an electric or battery powered mower BUT big enough to have a wall for roses and a space for a small glass house for the tomatoes and silver beet. Think raised beds with a wide edge that can be sat on. No more than a metre wide.

    Paths where possible, not steps.

    An out door power plug near the lawn to plug the mower into!

    Good lighting inside and out. Senson Security lighting on all corners of the house.

    Not too big. Two doubles or two plus study. Internal access garage if possible and not too tight.

    A straight driveway!

    Boy I could go on and on!

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