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Talk about Govt putting pressure on Local Authorities

News last week that Google will index and incorporate Twitter tweets in their searches will speed up the present realtime search timeframe, from 1/2 hr to an hour down to minutes if they get everything right, and who’s to doubt that the search giant won’t?

This is a trending item that will change the experience users will have when using Google.

In a way the drilling down of timeframes from the monthly mags – weekly news magazine – daily newspaper – hourly TV – 10-15 minute Google News appearance – to perhaps 1-2 minute tweet timeframes, has parallels in the use of data relevant to a users location.

In the beginning the first BBS (Bulletin Board Systems for those that remember) was about local, then the idea that we could search for a product nationally or internationally caught on. Have we come full circle?

There is a word being thrown around out there by those trying to predict the future direction of the net, and that word/phrase is Hyper-Local.

Best illustrated here by an example, and great to see its actually a Govt initiated one, albeit in the UK.

Directgov | innovate appears to be a government sponsored site encouraging the development of local applications that “actually matter to people.”

They put it this way;

We developed our platform to enable conversation with the developer community around innovative use of digital technologies. In addition to our blog we ask people to submit examples of innovative citizen focused apps or ideas for apps that could be developed using government data or that demonstrate innovative use of technologies.

What better application could there be than one that allows residents / local users to enter information they are directly interested in – in a sort of local neighbourhood Wikipedia style way.

Safer Streets” is currently highlighted as a Beta version, and they are piloting this over 3 UK locations.

ABOVE GRAPHIC – full size here

The purple ringed image above is from one of the “live” locations, being Luton.

What an informative thing for Real Estate though, placing real pressure on individual councils and territorial authorities to ensure they have places where people like to live, work & play…….while also feeling safe and secure.

Will it lead to a live suburb ranking system – almost realtime – not one that relies on 2 yr old census data or 18mth old jurisdiction authority records?

Great for rental property managers, and even more interesting for property investors.

There’s no doubt apps like this would add another dimension to the home selection process.

Time Lapse view of Nelson

Nelson City Council, in combination with Takeabreak have a webcam high atop Princes Drive in Nelson.

A neat feature, perhaps that should be called featurette is showing here.

It appears to be a time lapse of the current day so far (well for example on Monday am it was only 8 minutes old when I checked.)

And just in case you aren’t to sure what you are looking at, hope this helps.

Thought I might just include a Google Earth snapshot here too so you can see the area.

Large Higher Res shot of above snapshot here.

And here’s the one from a perspective look. In both cases the yellow shaded polygon approximates the outlook from the Princes Drive Webcam.

Large Higher Res shot of above snapshot here.

DISCLAIMER – Boundary lines are as approximately accurate as I can make them.

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Weekend Real Estate Related Roundup

1.       How fast is your Broadband Map

Now this is what we need here in NZ.

There’s been quite some discussion since Xtra changed removed their very popular “Go Large” Broadband plan and indicated to all previous users they were to transition to another “better” plan.

Courtesy of mapperz, I have just seen a great site in the UK called Top 10 broadband.

One particular feature on the site is called “Street Stats.”

What it does is quite simple really, it aggregates the findings / reports from many users and displays them graphically with the help of Google. Test it out here.

Fantastic resource for Tech savvy renters? Maybe property Investors could get an extra $5 a week from a tenant who spotted the “To Let” add stating as much.

Would be fascinating to see a Kiwi equivalent now wouldn’t it?


2.       New 2/3D QR like Code in Beta

Microsoft also wants to get into 2D (3D?) barcode space – they have their “Microsoft Tag” in Beta and if you have already have a Windows Live account then it’s real easy to sign up.

I have spoken previously in March here, and in April here (and briefly here in June) about these 2D barcode tags and why I believe we’ll see even more of them in the future.

The above is a direction URL “tag” that will deliver you to this Nelson Real Estate site. To get a software reader for your mobile phone you’ll need to head on over here.

Above graphic from here.

There is still much debate about these codes but I note for some months now the Open2View guys have been displaying them on client companies “For Sale” signs around Nelson.

With the push away from text to visual / graphical (witness MS’s Surface – a feature I think now built into Windows 7? ) and you can see many more possible uses for these.

3.       What sort of home does £1000 buy

A guide Price of £1000, can it be true?

Well this County Durham property is indeed advertised with that detail, even though its an Auction.

I guess taking the property to Auction makes a lot of sense as I suspect there would be many people interested in a property at such a low Guide Price.

To be factual, the £1000 is a Guide Price only, and if you’ve seen those UK property and Real Estate programs, not a lot of credence can always be given to them.

Although as this link shows – it may need a bit of DIY.

However the fact that someone quotes it will achieve a figure like this either “believes it” or is just trying to get their own 15 minutes.

The Rightmove link will only work so long as the property is listed on their website for sale. Once its sold, you’ll just get an error.


Did you hold an Open Home this weekend

If you didn’t then you may have missed out on a buyer..

Marketing 101 dictates that you attempt to reach as many people as possible, ultimately as many qualified customers as possible would be a better way to look at it.

Was it suggested that “based on previous Labour Day Weekends, there’s not much traffic and therefore I would suggest….” or was it you, the clients choice?

The reality is that absolutely no one can guarantee when the right buyer / customer will arrive / visit.

I’ve had two recent examples that highlight this exact point;

1] after some 6 months on the market, we get 2 offers in one single day….tell me in the books where they say that is they way it happens normally? (no price change activated this either)

2] another large lifestyle property, after near on a year on the market I get a phone call last Friday morning from a customer who wants to have a look through – 3 hours later a different buyer phones and would love to look at the property soon as – I am marketing the property jointly with SImon from our Motueka office, and as I was tied up that afternoon he agreed (with broken leg) to show both buyers around the property….then just as hes about to leave the office the phone rings and its a third person wanting to look. Long story short he had 3 groups view the property at the same time – sort of a mini- Open Home just about. (and in case you’re asking…no….the property price has been static for months, but we have been tweaking the adds)

What I am trying to say is that, you don’t have to look far in late 2009 to see that some elements of the marketing of a property are, ………well, unpredictable.

Has your property been on the market for some months?

In recent months many more purchasers have brought, based on local experience, after visiting an Open Home. In fact most with-in 24-48hrs after visiting it.

Labour Day Weekend may have just brought that buyer to your town?

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NZs Estimated Population growth update

23rd October 2009

The population of NZ is measured by Statistics New Zealand.

According to them;

There are three population measures commonly produced by Statistics New Zealand: census night population count, census usually resident population count, and estimated resident population.

Statistics NZ today released the latter of those, the estimated residential population in their “Subnational Population Estimates: At 30 June 2009”. National population estimates are published quarterly and subnational population estimates are published annually.

As would be expected it shows differing levels of growth across the nation.

The above graphical representation displays just how sparsely populated our little spot on the globe is, certainly as far as the South Island goes, anyway.

In pointing out the increase Statistics NZ comment that the mitigating factors are “largely due to an increase in New Zealand’s net gain from permanent and long-term migration (from 4,700 in the June 2008 year to 12,500 in the June 2009 year).”

Via their estimated, Nelsons population grew just 340 residents over the past 12 months to record an 0.8% increase upon the previous year.

Tasman, our neighbor, likewise recorded a 350 residents increase to post a very similar 0.7% rise.

Such a reasonable increase has undoubtedly assisted in stabilizing local property prices.

I note they mention Tauranga at 1.6% up, was NZ’s fastest-growing main urban area. I see in the footnotes that there had been a boundary change to that zone to incorporate part of the Kaimai area unit that was originally part of the wider Western Bay of Plenty district. May have had something to do with it.

Full release here.

Full spreadsheet with data tables here.

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