Google announces GPS – Navigation for everyone

29th October 2009

Google does it again.

It had to happen, just a matter of time really……. and here it is!

Garmin, Tom Tom, Uniden, Navman, Magellan et al….perhaps are awakening today, and after reading this……may not have that usual Silicon Valley smile on their face.

Accordingly to the Official Google Blog, (and announced simultaneously on the Google LatLong blog too) the Eagle has landed.

Yes Google is now 100% in the GPS – Navigation business.

Must admit I was a bit puzzled earlier today when I saw a camera icon on most intersections on either Google Earth or Maps, but oddly enough they don’t appear to be there tonight?

With clouded speak just a few days ago…….

Google spokeswoman Carolyn Penner noted that consumers frequently ask the company to add navigation to Google Maps, but declined to comment on future products.

…………….well it pretty much looks like they have delivered on that one.

The march forward continues………

NB: initially this is logically, from a Google point of view just for Android 2.0 phones