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Talk about Govt putting pressure on Local Authorities

News last week that Google will index and incorporate Twitter tweets in their searches will speed up the present realtime search timeframe, from 1/2 hr to an hour down to minutes if they get everything right, and who’s to doubt that the search giant won’t?

This is a trending item that will change the experience users will have when using Google.

In a way the drilling down of timeframes from the monthly mags – weekly news magazine – daily newspaper – hourly TV – 10-15 minute Google News appearance – to perhaps 1-2 minute tweet timeframes, has parallels in the use of data relevant to a users location.

In the beginning the first BBS (Bulletin Board Systems for those that remember) was about local, then the idea that we could search for a product nationally or internationally caught on. Have we come full circle?

There is a word being thrown around out there by those trying to predict the future direction of the net, and that word/phrase is Hyper-Local.

Best illustrated here by an example, and great to see its actually a Govt initiated one, albeit in the UK.

Directgov | innovate appears to be a government sponsored site encouraging the development of local applications that “actually matter to people.”

They put it this way;

We developed our platform to enable conversation with the developer community around innovative use of digital technologies. In addition to our blog we ask people to submit examples of innovative citizen focused apps or ideas for apps that could be developed using government data or that demonstrate innovative use of technologies.

What better application could there be than one that allows residents / local users to enter information they are directly interested in – in a sort of local neighbourhood Wikipedia style way.

Safer Streets” is currently highlighted as a Beta version, and they are piloting this over 3 UK locations.

ABOVE GRAPHIC – full size here

The purple ringed image above is from one of the “live” locations, being Luton.

What an informative thing for Real Estate though, placing real pressure on individual councils and territorial authorities to ensure they have places where people like to live, work & play…….while also feeling safe and secure.

Will it lead to a live suburb ranking system – almost realtime – not one that relies on 2 yr old census data or 18mth old jurisdiction authority records?

Great for rental property managers, and even more interesting for property investors.

There’s no doubt apps like this would add another dimension to the home selection process.