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Something I bet you won’t see in New Zealand

Every now and then you come across something that brings a smile to your face?

Do you happen to know anyone who sees themselves as a budding villian?

If so, then it looks like the guys over at Lovely Listing have found your new home, a snip for someone of your means at USD$750,000.

A home they refer to as a Villians Starter Home.

As befitting such a security conscious person you’ll note from the above photo, that courtesy of the fact that your new residence is on the top of what looks like a volcano cone, you’ll have 360 degree panoramic views to your advantage.

Until its sold (at which time these links will just return errors) you can see this one of a kind property over here at Realtor.com or here at Redfin.com. You almost expect to see Dr Evil & Mini Me somewhere? Does anyone recall any movies scenes that this home featured in?

Definitely would be an interesting home to do an appraisal on?

You could say the guys over at LA Curbed got just a bit carried away with their description ……

…. we do mean “secret hideout where you watch your dastardly plans unfold on flat screens and cackle at your minions.” The Volcano House caps “a small volcanic peak in the high desert…Concrete and truss beams form its dome allowing the interior to embrace 360 degrees of stark, strong almost lunar landscape.” The listing doesn’t mention shark pits, control rooms, or giant laser beams, so you might have to install some of those yourself (maybe they’re just unpermitted?). The asking price is $750,000, which is nothing compared to what you’ll be able to extort from world leaders once you…..

SOURCE –  realtor.com via link Lovely Listing

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