NZ Dept of Labour / Nelson City Council launch NEW Migrant Website

Its great to see the local council Nelson City Council (NCC) start up a new website to assist potential emigrants considering a seachange, as well as new immigrant residents to our region. I believe this is the type of site that web commentators refer to as “Hyper-local.”

They have partnered with none other than the New Zealand Department of Labour.

The site has been established in recognition of the fact that the Nelson region is such a popular place in New Zealand for new migrants.

The Labour Dept put it like this;

Nelson is now the fourth most popular place in New Zealand for new migrants to settle, with the majority coming from the UK. This looks set to increase with a wide variety of people from very different ethnic backgrounds arriving as well. It is important to make this transition as smooth as possible, not just for the migrants but for the rest of the community. Settlement Support has a vital role to play in this process.

Both are to be commended on compiling such a site.

Under HELPFUL HINTS there are sections titled “Before you arrive”

…..the next is headed up “Your first week”

…..and the last tab is titled “Living in Nelson.”

I have heard just too many stories from migrants who have been to “someone” about organizing their new life here, and promising to “assist” them in following the right channels/ procedure to gain NZ residency.

Not only were many disappointed with the “migration consultants” overall aid, discovering once they arrived here the realization of how much they could have done for themselves, but more importantly many were frustrated at how much money they paid to these agencies.

As I mentioned in a previous post I am aware of sums up around $8,000 – 12,000 being mentioned to me, and in one case nearly NZD$17,000. Sites like this should go a long way to aid that constantly talked about “transparency” word.

Heres an example of the Employment Selection in the page selection menu. The info is quite comprehensive and I’m sure it will only get better.

This site, mine I mean, has over the last year or so, been offering tips here and there in regards to new residents info for our region, but even I am cognizant that the combined assets of the Nelson City Council and The NZ Dept of Labour are pretty serious competitors when it comes to resources.

So if you are looking for a seachange and have thought about New Zealand, or even the Nelson region click right here to find out more about the NEW Nelson Tasman Settlement Support website.

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