Real Estate Photography Tips #3

Natural Mountain Backdrops. Nature is there for free – use it.

I’ll be upfront here and acknowledge that for all locations, what I illustrate and talk about here tonight might not be able to happen for you, or logically might not be possible given your geological constraints.

So, ok what can you take away from this post then?

Well one crucial thing, that pause………..that makes you take 5-10 seconds to look around to see the background, not this sort of background either.

Epic is all I can say when it comes to this backdrop. Yes the overall shoot price for this property was probably “up there” but one shot like this can make a portfolio of listing photos.

Or if you’ll really blessed with a location, (yes I know regular readers have seen this before – but you must agree its not a bad shot) you can get this sort of image that, well, just paints hundreds of words.

Shots like 1 & 2 benefit when you in fact do have a mountain range to the east of your location, so that goes for most of the West Coast of both Islands here in Middle Earth, but then I believe also for places like Wanaka, Taupo, Akaroa or Queenstown they benefit from being in an almost “valley” location.

To be pedantic, in fact this would happen in reverse if you lived on the eastern seaboard and had a mountain range behind you, except for one thing. The timing wouldn’t be evening, it would be dawn, and that one thing is that either you would need to be out at sea, or up in the air in a chopper. Places I am talking about here would be like Katikati, various Bay of Plenty locations like Whakatane, the Hawkes Bay vicinty, some areas around Blenheim and the Marlborough Sounds, and of course many Canterbury locations. I haven’t been much further south than Oamaru, so can’t comment on areas south of there.

In most situations along the West Coast of NZ at dusk, then the home itself would also probably be lit from the setting sun, whereas the fact that places like Queenstown are in that “valley” predicament, well that helps for this type of photography.


Well you can see that courtesy of the “valley” I talk about, the home itself has been shielded from the setting sun by the mountain ranges in front of it (re perspective to the above photos I mean – ie: behind the photographer) so the highlights feature as they do in this photo.

In some places, for example Taupo, even if the sun doesn’t set behind your location – to the east, if you have a view over Lake Taupo to the mountains, then an oblique angle with sunlight on the peak could still be very emotive.

And if you can achieve that, then the goal of making your property stand out from the pack has been achieved, has it not?

Want to go a bit further and do your own experiments in your region.

Well fire up Google Earth and click on the button I’ve highlighted above.

Then discover more about exactly what it does and why its there.

Its really a must have for a Real Estate Agent or Realtor.

You can then screen shot or send a link (.kml if you really know what you are doing) to anyone living overseas and they too can experience exactly what you see every day, albeit from an aerial “top down” perspective in your desired location.

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