Marsden Valley Plan Changes

As a youngster I grew up in Marsden Rd, Stoke where we lived next-door to a past Mayor of Nelson, Doug Strawbridge. It was a great place to be as a teenager and bits of nature from parks, creeks, estuary, coast, beaches, you name it, weren’t that far away by foot or pushbike.

Dougs property bordered on Isel Park and on occasions he would let us get there via the rear of his section and by crossing the Creek, …… more of a babbling brook I’d call it. The creek started up in the foothills of the Marsden Valley.

The Valley was where you traversed through when you were climbing up Barnicoat to test out your handheld CB radio back in the early 70’s. A lot has changed since then, including my hairline.

The Nelson City Council (NCC) is proposing changes to the original rezoning of 124 ha of Marsden Valley land to allow for a higher density residential mix than originally submitted.

It’s known by the exciting title of “Proposed Plan Change 13 – Marsden Valley Rezoning and Structure Plan Project.”

Plan Change 13 Section A mentions that……

This proposal will result in the creation of a new community. Currently Marsden Valley contains approximately 10 houses, it is anticipated that the proposed zoning could accommodate around 600 households, or 1500 residents. There will also be additional households located in neighbouring land, such as Marsden Plateau, that will have ready access to Marsden Valley.

Meanwhile if you need visual cues like this below…..

then Plan Change 13 Section B has some graphics contained within the last 3 pages that give a visual overview for locals.

Here are the results from a search on the changes at the NCC website.

Should you wish to lodge a submission, by the 30th October 2009, there is a downloadable form here, or for the online version go here.

Long term the NCC plan is to have new subdivisions/residential housing zones in not just the Marsden Valley, but also Enner Glynn, Ngawhatu Valley and the upper Brook Valley.  As the council puts it

A roading connection can be achieved between Marsden Valley and Enner Glynn, and also from this saddle to Panorama Drive. This achieves permeability in the community by avoiding the valley being a dead end, and provides options for travel in different directions. Vehicle and cycle traffic in particular will benefit when travelling from Marsden Valley to Nelson City by being able to take a more direct route along Enner Glynn Valley, while also providing options for residents of that valley (and Panorama Drive) to access amenities and services in Marsden Valley.

The long term plan is to have a road starting from Waimea Rd (near the current Waimea Rd / Ridgeway intersection) skirting the foothills via Enner Glynn – Marsden Valley – Ngawhatu –  Upper Saxton and finishing in the Upper Champion Rd, Richmond area.

Given time and the roll-out of the new national cycleway (of which a section is planned to pass through the Upper Marsden Valley area) we may find we are included on this map (currently seems to only be around Wellington but then again it seems to be sponsored by the Wellington City Council) or a localized Nelson version of it.

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