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A reason why Stoke – Richmond – Nelson was rated tops in NZ

Back in June an article was published referring to two studies on suburbs/regions/towns and how they have coped re property pricing over recent times.

The Real Estate Institute analysis across 41 suburbs was sent to find which places had increased or decreased in value over a 3 month rolling median, when compared to an equivalent time back in 2007.

And the result in case you haven’t read it already (from the NZ Herald article)

The Nelson suburb of Stoke survived the housing slump in the strongest shape…..

While most homeowners have watched their home values slide since the market peak at the end of 2007, Stoke, Pukekohe and Wellington Central defied the downturn, enjoying gains.

An Infometrics study in which 73 suburbs and towns over a previous 3 month period up to May 09.

And the result in case you also haven’t already read it was…..

Nelson also came out on top.

According to the report in the NZ Herald…..

The five top-scoring areas are Richmond in Nelson, Auckland’s eastern beaches, Titirangi in West Auckland, Albany on Auckland’s North Shore and Eastern Wellington.

Before we buy too much into “green shoots” hype, ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie warns stabilisation is unlikely to be across the board.

Because good-quality houses are in short supply, those in the right location and priced right are selling relatively quickly.

I think one of the main reasons our suburb of Stoke is so popular has to do with schooling.

As I have discovered across at Zoodle, they have a nifty screen where after you type in an address you can see all local schools, primary, intermediate and secondary, plus how far away they are from the address you just typed in. They also note whether the address location you just typed in, is either “in zone”, or “no zone.”

Potentially very handy with families and I am sure, once you see the fantastic local selection we have for all ages, one of the main reasons why we came up trumps.

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