Does everybody know what day it is?

9th September 2009

No this isn’t a “Playschool” primer either……… is being celebrated in Nelson, as I’m sure it is in other locations around NZ, as the kick-off date to our region’s build-up for the coming Rugby World Cup, exactly two years away from today, 09-09-09.

Nelsons Main St, Trafalgar St, in the centre of the business and retail district between Selwyn Place and the Cathedral steps, was transformed from 12 noon to 2pm today.

Tables have been set down the entire city length of the road and over 700 tickets have been sold. At the top of the table at 10am there’s even going to be an attempt by a Nelson chef to create the longest strand of pasta in New Zealand.

As the home of NZ Rugby Nelson has many ties to the great game.

With two pool games, both featuring the Italian team set down to be played here at Trafalgar Park in September 2011, its no wonder there is plenty of local interest.

Richmond Mall also got into the act and hosted their own long lunch today with the Richmond Mall manager believing there’ll be up to 2,000 people attending.