Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Real Estate Photographys Golden Hour

Not just Real Estate photography actually, many photographers have been taught about this special time of the day.

And even this week on the Unconditional Blog there was a blog post highlighting the importance of good photography, featuring a couple of photos that more than likely were taken at this time.

A major issue in Real Estate photography is balancing out all the highlights and shadows. Unfortunately our daylight source of light, the sun makes a photographers work a heck of a lot more difficult than in a “studio” atmosphere where the light can be controlled.

So a photographer works to achieve that “emotive” outside shot that will still allow a viewer to clearly see inside the home, as well as outside.

And when is this time. Well twice a day , dawn & dusk. However more relevant to Real Estate Photography, this time is around dusk, when the sun is/has just set,  allowing a great mix to happen.

This time is referred to as the “Golden Hour.”

A side benefit of shooting at this time, and usually courtesy of the homes incandescent light bulbs, will create the effect on the photo of a “warm” inside.

More modern homes will use halogen or other types of lighting and that will make the home appear to have a more clean / commercial look. Some like it, some don’t as its often perceived as a “cool/sterile” type of light. Then again for a just built minimalistic design it could be quite suitable. Your mileage will vary.

The further south & north you are located away from the equator, usually the shorter the “Golden Hour” is.

Well good news, there’s a site here that takes away all the guesswork. It will calculate the ” Golden Hour”, and it doesn’t matter where you live on the civilised globe or what day, it will help.

It’ll also be a boon for traveling photographers who’d like to know the Golden Hour at a location they are traveling to.

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